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Game Review: Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones

Ah, yes. The Black Sheep of the Fire Emblem Games. Interestingly, Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones (called Fire Emblem 8: Seima no Kouseki in Japan) is one of only two Fire Emblem games (the other being Thracia 776, a Japan-only … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Nintendo Controller

Ah, where has the time gone? What you see are all of the controllers in Nintendo’s console history past to present. I went through 6 SNES Controllers (don’t ask) and thanks to the Wii’s backwards compatability my Wavebird gets plenty … Continue reading

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Retro Game Review: Civilization (SNES)

  I know what you’re probably thinking: I’ve got Civilization IV and I’m reviewing a game released back in 1995. Sometimes you gotta go back in time to appreciate the present and look forward to the future. For those unfamiliar … Continue reading

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