The Evolution of the Nintendo Controller

Ah, where has the time gone? What you see are all of the controllers in Nintendo’s console history past to present. I went through 6 SNES Controllers (don’t ask) and thanks to the Wii’s backwards compatability my Wavebird gets plenty of useage when I’m playing Brawl and Samurai Warriors 3. Let’s compare the past to what’s to come:

And for the sake of making a comparison yes I’m aware the controller on the left looks like an Xbox 360 controller. I have an Xbox 360 and I’m not offended by the chosen design Nintendo used. The one on the right–introduced last year at E3 2011–is mostly used for your textbook party games and will also function in the same way the Vita and PSP work the with PS3: Remote Play (with obvious restrictions). In other words, one can start a game in one room, turn off the TV and continue the game in another room. Like the PSP/Vita presumably there’s a range limit. Considering both controllers have the same amount of buttons (both pairs of shoulder buttons are on the sides of the controller on the right) I don’t expect there to be that many software restrictions.

Now that you can see all seven controllers in Nintendo’s History–and yes I know the Nunchuck and Classic Controller are not pictured, by the way–you can get a sense of how far Nintendo’s hardware has come. I have used every single one of the ones pictured for over 3,000 hours each EXCEPT the Wii U obviously. I’m pretty sure I’ve put around 1,000 hours into Tales of Symphonia (Gamecube) ALONE so…yeah.

Nintendo’s good at what it does: Being different. While one could easily agrue the Wii Remote + Nunchuck design prevented the Wii from getting many 3rd party games the Xbox 360 and PS3 got, one could also agrue it’s because of that same design thousands of people went out to buy a Wii for 1st party games like Skyward Sword and Brawl. Even though the Xbox 360 versions would probably be easier I bought the Wii versions of Michael Jackson: The Experience and Just Dance 3 (though to be fair I didn’t have my 360 at the time I got the first one).

Even so, this thread spells out why I’m never getting another Nintendo Console. Thanks for the memories Nintendo but my business with you stops with the Wii and 3DS.

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2 Responses to The Evolution of the Nintendo Controller

  1. qwerqsar says:

    As a matter of fact, I am not even hot for the new U thing there. Seems like Nintendo is running on borrowed time at the moment, unless they finally get something really new out. As you say, the 3DS may well be the last “console” I’ll buy from my ol’ pal Nintendo…

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