Review: Harvest Moon 3D: A Tale of Two Towns


The 10th installent in the Harvest Moon seriess, ToTT would be the last HM handheld releasd on Nintendo’s current and previous handhelds (3DS and DS). I have the 3DS version but this review is for both versions. Speakng of which, the only difference betwen the DS and 3DS versions is the 3DS version has a petting minigame you probably shouldn’t play because if you do your game will crash under very specific conditions. Natsume is aware of the problem but since this is a Nintendo system we’re talking about it never was and never will be fixed.

Anyway, ToTT as its namesake implies focuses on the bitter rivalry between the Livestock raising Bluebell and the Crop growing Konohana. The main objective of this game is to mend relations between the two towns in addition to raising animals and growing crops. The only way to do that is to enter the weekly cooking contests (4 times a month), preferably winning them. Once you’ve done that and you have become good friends with Bluebell’s Carpenter Eileen you will be able to repair the tunnel that used to connect the two towns. The game’s biggest troll–The Harvest Goddess–sealed the tunnel because the townsfolks’ arguing woke her up (LOL!). To top it off she has you clean up the mess.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph each town specializes in Crops or Animals. Don’t worry–if you pick one you will still be able to do some of what the other town does just nowwhere near as much. ToTT is also the only HM released so far that has both Streetpass and Online Trading. The game’s sequel (which I bought last night with WWE13, see previous post for a first-look on THAT game) does not have Streetpass but does have online trading.

Cooking is an extremely important mechanic if you’re going for 100% completion. No0t just for fixing the tunnel but for relationships. You will definitely want to trade with folk swho picked the town you’re not living in if you want to get certain goods. In fact,trading with people is the fastest way to make a ton of money.

Overall I will give this game a 8/10. The glitch took a point off obviously. The potential difficulty if multiplayer is closed to you takes another point off. A third of the cooking recipes will be unavailable to you if you can’t trade, livne in Konohana and DON’T want to move to Bluebell before ulnocking the Mine. Overall though it’s an excellent grindfest and in my opinion is only outpaced by the followup game, A New Beginning (3DS only).

Even though I’ve started ANB I am still playing ToTT. I picked Konohana personally and am currently married to Reina. Working on getting the Gold for the House Upgrade. See my forums for my 3DS Codes if you wanna trade. I have Fruit Trees!

Before I let you go, here are some protips if you’re thinking of picking this up or recently did:

  • Bookmark THIS PAGE.
  • Bluebell has sustainable moneymakers in animals but long-term your best bet is to go with Konohana. At the very least you will have access to most of the cooking recipes in the game.
  • You want to build a strong relationship with Eileen  (Bluebell) and Sheng (Konohana) ASAP. Eileen is the game’s carpenter. She not only repairs the tunnel but can also upgrade your farm–for a price of course. Sheng is the game’s Blacksmith and can upgrade your tools for you.
  • Some love interests require you to be on good terms with their family members too. For example if you want to marry Ash you need to become good friends with Sheryl and Jessica.
  • Buy two dogs (one of each size) and a cat as soon as you can afford it. Once they’ve had some time to get used to you they will bring your livestock out for you in the morning and bring them back in at sunset. If you’re on Bluebell this is a huge time saver!
  • If you buy the Owl you can use him at the peak of the mountain to quickly fly to Bluebell or Konohana.
  • Fruit Trees will not be open to you until Year 2 and take 2 months to grow. The upside is they do not need to be watered bu they will only bear fruit in the right season. The exception is of course Tea Trees, which bear crop in any season except Winter.



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2 Responses to Review: Harvest Moon 3D: A Tale of Two Towns

  1. qwerqsar says:

    I love this series of games. Specially on the Game Boy, since the portable capability makes it good for playing on those momentsw you have no TV at hand. The SNES verision always kinda bugged me because of that. But I liked it anyways. Thanks for the review.

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