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Looking back at 2012, looking forward to 2013

As all of you know I have all of the current-gen systems except the Vita and the Wii U. For me, this year was all about the 3DS. Let’s review my 2012 gaming experience by console. Nintendo 3DS Remember my … Continue reading

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3DS Returned in time for the Holidays

Picture says it all. Most of you might not be aware of this if you missed the video I did mentioning this last month. Like the DSi, DS Lite and DS before it, the Shoulder buttons on my Nintendo 3DS … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Retro Viking:
Lately I have been seeing a few videos largely about the censorship forced on the Mortal Kombat franchise by Nintendo at the time they first ported the arcade on the SNES. It has a lot…

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America’s “Love” of War and War-Like Games

I was planning to write this blog at a later, more appropriate time but due to one of the implications raised in the aftermath of the Tragedy in Newtown, I’ve decided to pen this now. As a self-professed lifetime gamer … Continue reading

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Review: Mists of Pandaria

The way Jade Forest’s Storyline ended and the way The Vale of Eternal Blossoms begins you’re told the next phase of The War for Pandaria will commence in two months. Blizzard released the Patch (Titled Landfall) almost two months to … Continue reading

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The Gamestop Controversy

Note: This was originally posted On the original site and reposted on the forums. This version has been updated from the original. I figure I talk about this given how famous–or imfamous–Gamestop is on various gaming news websites and fan … Continue reading

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