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Retro Viking

Lately I have been seeing a few videos largely about the censorship forced on the Mortal Kombat franchise by Nintendo at the time they first ported the arcade on the SNES. It has a lot to talk about, since many have criticized this seemingly stupid move – violence and brutality was a part of this game after all!

But if we observe the situation, we notice that Nintendo did what they had to do. Even though its censorship on games was far from flawless and sometimes even a bit exaggerated, I feel it was at times a bit ahead of its time, trying to preemptively to solve problems that rose a few years later. Today videogames are faulted for the violent outbursts of different people, be it a grown-up beating down a minor or a school shooting. The question here, thus, is if we can really blame videogames for the…

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