Taking a break from WoW

Or rather a long hiatus.

I sent an email to two of my friends that I would be back in June but I’m not 100% sure or not. I’ll share with you the email I sent to them over the weekend on this:

I haven’t been playing WoW much since late December and honestly I don’t see myself doing much raiding this expansion. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt shut out of getting into raiding since TBC. The Rep grind has prettymuch turned me off of raiding. That’s why I’ve just been leveling alts since the Expansion went live. I was in Beta and knew I wasn’t going to be able to raid under these circumstances. Honestly I’m burnt out of the expansion and it’s barely six months since it went live.

I’ll still be on vent and I just preordered Star Carft II Heart of the Swarm so…yeah. I figure so time away from WoW is in order. I’m glad I decided to buy a prepaid card in December instead of a traditional subscription. My prepaid sub expires on the 23rd. I’ll be around off and on during school break next week.

My friend Andrea’s been away from WoW since the end of last summer. She’s been using her newfound extra time to focus on writing stories over on FanFiction.net, which is how I first met her. She specializes in writing Warcraft FanFiction but has been writing Assassin’s Creed Fanfics since late Fall.

Getting back to me though I’m sure I’ll return to Azaroth someday. Likely not this year though if I had to guess. Info on the PS4 is supposed to be unveiled this Wednesday and if I’m lucky, info on the Xbox 360’s successor will follow at E3 in June. Naturally I will be getting the next Xbox system. This October will mark 2 years since I bought my Xbox and I have not had any problems with it. Interesting given most people experience their first Red Ring of Death within 16 months of buying the system. 90% of my Xbox 360’s usage last year went to Netflix, which uses significantly less resources than if I were playing a game for the same amount of time I used Netflix.

As to the question are there other MMOs I’m looking at I have a free account  with Star Wars The Old Republic (SW:TOR). My friend Michelle plays both WoW and SW:TOR (She’s much older than I am so she can get away with doing that, LOL) and as I mentioned above in the email we talk outside video games. My focus is on other things, one of which is the upcoming StarCraft II Expansion Heart of the Swarm (which I preordered!).

Anywho that’s the long and short of it. For the time being Azaroth, this is good bye. Hopefully when I return a new WarChief of the Horde has been chosen.

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1 Response to Taking a break from WoW

  1. Andiy Wagner says:

    Wow….I have been gone that long? I know it was like Novemberish when I really stopped playing much. Sigh. It really has not been holding my attention

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