Mercenaries of the Fire Emblem Universe

The Logo for the fire Fire Emblem Released in North America.

The Logo for the first Fire Emblem Released in North America.

When war comes knocking, sometimes your own army might not be enough to pull through. Just one of the following people or mercenary guilds could easily tip the scales of war in your favor. For those familiar with Fire Emblem 1 through 6 I have played all of them but I am not as familiar with all of the mercenaries in them.

Well, except this one:

Navaare (Fire Emblem/Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon)

The Swordsman who started it all. The only thing he respects more than his sword is Gold.

Navarre ends up fighting Marth’s army at first due to his contract with a group of bandits. After talking to Caeda he decides to change sides. He is a man of few words and with the skills to mtch his reputation, none are needed.

Guy (Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword)

Nearly ten years to the day the first Fire Emblem released outside Japan came to North America he is still a fan favorite.

Like Navarre, Guy is initially an enemy when first encountered. He comes wielding the Killing Edge, which stands to instantly kill anyone who isn’t a Knight due to its high critical hit rate. Fortunately, Matthew is an old friend of Guy and “sweet talks” him into changing sides. Upon joining Eliwood and Hector on their quest Guy becomes an invaluable asset to the team.

Erk (Fire Emblem: TheBlazing Sword)

The most prominent Magic-based mercenary in the Fire Emblem games, Erk sells his skills to a worthy cause. When he first meets Lyn he is escorting the young Cleric Serra through hostile territory. It is a job he is less than thrilled about and welcomes the change joining Lyn on her quest brings. After helping Lyn with her quest Erk gets pinned down in a village while protecting Priscilla and grudgingly acccepts Serra’s offer to join Eliwood and Hector.

Joshua (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)

The red-haired swordsman from Jehanna loves to gamble. Weather it’s his life in battle or gold in games of chance, it’s all about luck to him.

Joshua is working for Grado in the boarder town Serafew when Eirika arrives. The Grado soldiers are looking Natasha, a Grado Cleric with vital information. Their fateful first encounter changes his destiny. Major spoilers related to Eirika’s journey to Jehanna Hall and his A-Support with Natasha prevent me from elaborating further though I will admit he is my favorite character in Sacred Stones. His story is the epitome of not judging a book by its cover. It also helps he’s impressive in battle as well. As you can see in the above picture Joshua wields the Killing Edge when you first meet him.

Marisa (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)

Her reputation as The Crimson Flash precedes her. Even her allies take pause when it comes to her deadly skills. A member of Gerik’s Mercenaries, an oversight results in her fighting for the enemy. After talking to Gerik or Ewan Marisa pledges her sword to Eirika and Ephraim’s cause. Depending on which twin’s route you’re on you will see her at  different place and chapter. Ephraim will encounter her in Taizel with the Grado Army while Eirika will encounter her with rebels in Carcino.

Marisa isn’t much for conversation. Unless battle is involved she isn’t interested.  This is highlighted in her Support Conversations with Gerik. She comes wielding the Shamshir, a curved version of the Killing Edge.

The Greil Mercenaries (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)

They are the heroes who twice led the charge against an enemy threatening to destroy the world.

Led by the young swordsman Ike, The Greil Mercenaries are pulled into The Mad King’s War after a chance encounter with Crimea’s Princess Elincia. Their decision to aid House Crimea leads to the death of its founder and namesake, Greil at the hands of the Black Knight. Despite the unspeakable loss Ike rallies the guild and heroes from all over Magvel in the fight to end King Ashnard’s ambition for good.

Three years later, The Greil Mercenaries fight first with the Laguz for justice and later with heroes from across Tellius to save the world. Having fought battles with or against all the nations of the known world they were in the right place at the right time when wrath of an angry goddess threatens to end all life on Tellius.

Here is the list of all the members of the Greil Mercenaries. Click the link see their art from Radiant Dawn or Path of Radiance:

The Greil Mercenaries are also in good standing with all of the kingdoms of Tellius including Tibarn, Elincia, Sanaki and Kurthnaga. They’ll certainly not have too hard a time finding work to be sure.

Volke (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)

Looks can be deceiving.

That’s the best way to describe the deadliest-and most imfamous–Assassin on Tellius.  Volke runs into The Greil Mercenaries during their raid on a Daein prison. For a fee, he decides to join Ike and Elincia on their journey across the continent in search of allies in The Mad King’s War. Volke is an enigma despite clearly knowing quite a bit about Greil. After Ike defeats The Black Knight, Volke tells him his connection to Greil and reveals himself as an assassin, this time pledging his deadly skills for the remainder of the war.

Volke disappears after the war and we don’t see him again until late in Radiant Dawn. It turns out Volke had been working with Count Bastian ever since the end of The Mad King’s War to solve one big mystery from Path of Radiance and in turn restore a shattered soul. The pair enlists the aid of Tibarn and Elincia’s forces in their quest to recapture Izuka, the researcher responsible for creating The Feral Ones, Laguz locked in beast form driven mad.

Gregor (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Behind the carefree, easygoing smile is a man with experience.

Chrom first meets Gregor helping the Manakete Nowi escape from the Grimleal. Originally hired by the Grimleal, Gregor decides to turn against them to help Nowi escape. During the escape they run into Chrom and the the rest, as they say is history. His interactions with Cherche reveal he had done the same thing before. His talks with Lon’qu demonstrates the balance he has with selling his skills for money and avoiding needless bloodshed.

The implied canon pairing has him marrying Nowi and together they produce a daughter named Nah. Except for Chrom and the Male Avatar there is no emphasis on the father of the children from the future: All of their supports, while slightly different all say the same thing. In Nah’s case she asks her father what made him want to marry Nowi in the first place!

…That’s my list spanning the Fire Emblem games I’ve played. For those who noticed yes I did leave out a few folks. I wanted to keep this short so I didn’t use more than two people from each game. The odd exception being The Greil Mercenaries for obvious reasons. I haven’t played any other 3DS game since I got Awakening in February. I don’t expect that to change as I am working to complete The Support Library.

On a sort of unrelated note, I have yet to see any Fanfiction exploit the cross-world action introduced in Awakening thanks to the Outrealm Gate. For those unfamiliar, you can recruit select characters from all of the previous Fire Emblem games.

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