Microsoft’s New Console Revealed: Xbox One

Due to my understandably busy schedule this week this blog will be brief. I will do a more detailed one after E3 next month. Let me just go over the three big things revealed that caught my attention and demanded I pass it along:

  1. The Xbox One will NOT require an always on connection as has been long rumored in order to play games. If your internet is interrupted, any background processes that would require internet access will be suspended until the connection is restored.
  2. The Xbox One will NOT block used games BUT gamers and/or secondhand stores will be required to pay an “activation fee”. Unlike the 360, Xbox One games must be installed to the HDD so…yeah.
  3. Speaking of the Xbox 360: If you want to keep playing your Xbox 360 games, keep your 360. Like the PS4 and PS3 games, the Xbox One will NOT be compatible with Xbox 360 games.

For the first time since the Game Boy Color and the PS2  introduced backwards compatability to gaming, those who have a PS3/360 looking to get their next gen equivalent will want to keep the previous gen counterpart as well. The upside is you will not be double-charged in the case of Xbox Live/Playstation Plus and both consoles can be on and connected at the same time.

EDIT 5/21/2013:

I take back what I said about buying The One…for now.

I’ve been reading reactions on various gaming websites and virtually everyone commenting on it hates it. The console was announced TODAY and the majority of The One’s target audience has said “I’m not buying it”. Given I could probably buy two 250GB Xbox 360s for the price of a single Xbox One I’ll go with that for the time being. Not actually two 360s but I was planning to buy a second Xbox 360 just for playing games anyways. Hehe…the second one I’d be able to take with me somewhere, etc.

Bottom line: Since Microsoft is a US-based company and the majority of their target demographic–gamers–is vehemently against it, there’s no reason for me to upgrade. I didn’t get the Wii U and I’m not getting the PS4 so…yeah.

Looks like this is it for me in terms of the current gen. GAMES sell game systems. The entertainment aspects are a nice bonus but you can’t do what Microsoft did today and not expect people to be skeptical. Thankfully Microsoft knows how to read the tea leaves. If they want to get people on board, The One is going to have to do what Nintendo did at E3 2011. Otherwise The One will be dead at launch. The way things are going with the Wii U now, Sony prettymuch wins the next gen console race by default. Not that I care about that personally.

Ah, well. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, this was bound to happen eventually. Looks like I’m done with console games. I’ll just buy a Blu Ray player and a PS3 (see: Tales of Graces f) over the summer. Over the last 10 years I’ve spent $1500 on games and game systems. First console I bought on my own was the Game Boy Advance in 2003 and then a Gamecube the following year. I bought my first DS in 2006 and the Wii in 2007. I bought my second DS in 2007 as well as my first PSP. In 2008 I bought my PSP Go and my DSi in 2009. In 2011 I bought my 3DS, 360 AND my third and final PSP (PSP 3000).

As I hinted at in this blog, the 3DS will be my last Nintendo system. The 360 will likely be my last console period. I’m definitely getting the Vita for Valhalla Knights 3 but I’m not getting it until after the price for the Wi-Fi version (currently $250) has gone down. Nintendo got away with it at the time but as soon as the Vita’s price was revealed Nintendo cut the price of the 3DS down to $170 and later $135 (the latter price being after the 3DS XL was released). Sony is still behind the times there so…yeah.

I’m gonna write two more blogs before Anime Boston. One will be on the Ace Attorney games to tie in with the Ace Atttorney panel I’m doing this Sunday. The other will be a You Tube upload. I will talk about the rift between gamers only one side talks about.

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