A HD Release I’m getting a PS3 For

Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World is coming to the PS3. In HD.

That Box Art reminds me of another Tales port I reviewed a few months back:

I was originally planning to buy a PS3 for another Tales of game: Tales of Graces f. Like with my Xbox 360 I’m going to get 250GB or higher but I wanna keep it under $300. Add to that I found a PS Vita for sale under $200 new somewhere in Boston (not Gamestop but it is legal and I don’t want to say where in case someone in Boston reading this buys it before I get a chance to!) and let’s just say this summer’s going to get…interesting.

Getting back on topic I have both original US releases of both Symphonia games. Being able to play Dawn of the New World without using the Wii Mote is the main draw for me in getting the PS3 port. Just like being able to play Tales of the Abyss right now while writing this blog in South Station was why I bought the 3DS port despite already having it for the Playstation 2.

All of the little details such as voice acting as possible changed mechanics the fanbase at Gamefaqs and the Tales Forums are theorycrafting over don’t mean anything to me. As long as I know the game is coming to the US in one bundle for a reasonable price everything else is trivial. Remember: Namco will only localize the Tales game if one of two conditions are met: Someone pays for the translation (ie. Nintendo and Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube) or they feel the profit’s worth doing it themselves (Vesperia, Graces f, Abyss 3DS, Project X-Zone, etc.). One or the other. This is the reason about half of the Tales games have been released in the US, forcing folks to either import or get/make a Fan Translation.

While I could buy a PS3 off one of my brothers (They don’t play theirs much these days) I think I’d rather just get my own system for the sake of saying I have all of the current-gen systems. I DO have a Wii, 360, DS and PSP already, after all. Hmm…


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