I’m saying it now: The Xbox One will be dead on arrival

Microsoft wants to learn the hard way.

You can’t announce what they have about The One and expect everyone to be happy and excited for it. All they’ve been doing during E3 is giving people more and more reasons to not buy the 360’s successor while insisting it’s worth buying. At the same time, it would seem Sony has specifically targeted 360 owners upset with the direction The One is going with the slew of announcements they’ve been making regarding the Playstation 4.

A few noteworthy announcements comparing The One to the PS4:

  • The 500GB PS4 will launch at $400 ($200 less than the PS3 launched at) with plans to release lower cost consoles starting in 2014. The 250GB Xbox One will launch at $500 with plans to launch higher cost consoles in 2014.
  • The PS4 will be region-free (you can play Japanese PS4 games on an American PS4!). The One will be region locked.
  • The PS4 will not restrict Preowned/Used games. Microsoft will not block 1st party games but will leave the decision for third party games to the companies themselves.
  • For the first time ever, starting with the PS4 Playstation Plus (Sony’s equivalent of Xbox Live) will be required to play online.
  • The PS4 will not require an always on internet connection to play single-player games. The One will.
  • Microsoft announced they are reviving Killer Instinct on The One and it will be free to play. The catch? You will be paying out of pocket if you want to play as anyone other than Jago.

In short: If you want a better deal OVERALL just buy a PS4. This is coming from a guy who bought a 360 two years ago specifically for the exclusives on XBL. When it comes to the whole This Vs. That Vs. The Other Console debate I’m usually neutral. Many of you have have seen my game systems in the background of my You Tube videos. I’m not partial to just one console. I buy the console or handheld to play the games I like. I mean damn. What Microsoft is doing with The One is a giant middle finger to their own fanbase. When you have hardcore Xbox Loyalists declaring they’re buying a PS4 then you know something’s not right in Seattle.

I believe I said this last month before Anime Boston but going into this week I had no plans of buying a next-gen console. After what I’ve seen from both Sony and Nintendo that might change. Emphasis on might. The only Wii U game that interests me is Super Smash Bros. and that’s probably not coming until next summer if I had to guess. There’s nothing specific coming out for the PS4 that I’m aware of other than Metal Gear Solid V (which is also being released on The One). I know my brothers are going to get a PS4 each and I was already planning to buy one of their PS3s off of them (they both have 250GB PS3s but use them strictly for gaming. I’ve downloaded a few Anime Titles on my PSP Go, however…) for the recently announced HD release of Tales of Symphonia + Dawn of the New World bundle coming to the PS3.

If I were to get aPS4 I’d split the cost with one of my brothers but that’s thinking too far ahead (LOL!). Nintendo hinted a price drop for the Wii U is coming so I’ll wait on that. If they take at least $100 off the deluxe version (currently $350) I’ll buy it just for Super Smash Bros. I’m not expecting any announcements from Nintendo on that anytime soon, more so given how stingy they are with their online stores.

At the moment I’m patiently waiting for the price of the PS Vita to drop. As soon as it does I’ll buy it. The Wi-Fi Version sells for $250 while the 3G/Wi-Fi Version sells for $300. Again, at least $100 needs to be taken off either version for me to buy it. I saw used Vitas selling for under $200 in a secondhand store I frequent in Downtown Boston (not Gamestop/EB Games) but I won’t name the store so I don’t tip off folks in the Boston area also waiting for the price drop!


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