Blizzard to MMO-Champion: “This is why we don’t reveal until we’re ready.”

As of this past Wednesday morning, the models for most of the bosses who will be in Mists of Pandaria’s final raid Seige of Orgrimmar are now public.

The WoW News Website MMO-Champion broke the news on their website early Wednesday morning. MMO-Champion obtained the images via datamining, a controversial method by which images, video and sound files are extracted from the game. In its early years MMO-Champion was on Blizzard’s banned fansites list due to the practice but it has since been not only “accepted” by Blizzard but the site as a whole is considered an important part of the WoW Community and is here to stay like it or not.

Within hours of Garrosh’s new model being posted on MMO-C Blizzard’s lead designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street made this Tweet:

Translation: “Stop spoiling the surprises!”

MMO-C has gotten in trouble with Blizzard a few times in the past for spoiling new content in the past but Blizzard has since accepted Datamining as something that’s here to stay weather they like it or not. The tweet above is probably Ghostcrawler’s way of trying to discredit what was datamined. That and obviously they’re in damage control. You can be sure Blizz did not want the images (which I will not repost here) to be revealed so early. A slipup they will take steps to avoid moving forward.

Mists of Pandaria’s final raid Seige of Orgrimmar was actually announced before the expansion was released two years ago. In the Expansion’s signature raid the Alliance and the Horde storm Orgrimmar to remove Warchief Garrosh Hellscream from power. According to the information datamined so far the 3-part Raid begins in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms on Pandaria and ends in a cavern undeneath Orgrimmar. Some of the bosses raids will have to fight their way past to get to Garrosh include The Sha of Pride, Klaxxi Paragons and an Orc I will not name here due to major spoilers.

While the Alliance’s reasons for wanting Hellcream removed from power are easy to understand, if you haven’t been following the story here’s the rundown on the Horde’s reasons for Rebellion. It actually starts with when Garrosh first became Warchief during the events of The Shattering (WoW novel that served as a bridge between the end of Wrarth of the Lich King and just before the Catclysm):

Hellscream nearly destroyed the close bond Thrall forged with the Tauren when his duel with Cairne and its aftermath nearly destroyed the Tauren. With Cairne dead and his successor in hiding Thunder Bluff was in the hands of the traitorous Grimtotem. In an effort to mend the fence with Baine and save face Garrosh refused the Grimtotem’s call for help and refused to acknowledge them as equals as Baine took his rightful place as Chieftain. Although Baine promised the Tauren will remain in the Horde, his actions were neither forgotten or forgiven.

Sylvanas always held a distrust for “that ogre-headed buffoon”. That distrust reached a boiling point when Garrosh saw the Val’kyr she brought back to Lordaeron from Northrend. The Orcs he sent to help her capture Gilneas proved incompetent and to top it off Hellscream’s observers ensured she would not be able to use the New Plague in battle. There is little reason for her not to stick it to Hellscream.

Trade Prince Gallywix hasn’t appeared outside the Goblin starting zone though like Ji Firepaw it’s every Goblin for him/her self. As for the Huojin Pandaren (of whom Ji is the Horde ambassador of) it’s likely they will let their actions speak for them in the battle to come.

It was believed Garrosh held the Blood Elves in low regard until the Mana Bomb they developed was used to wipe Theramore off the map, killing the legendary mage Rhonin and nearly killing its ruler, Jaina Proudmoore. Their magical expertise was of great value to Hellscream, who’d personally come to Pandaria in search of a powerful artifact. While Lorthe’mar was busy on Pandaria the newly appointed leader of Dalaran–Jaina Proudmoore–used her new station to kick the Sunreavers out of Dalaran, claiming Dalaran for The Alliance. After Hellscream left his kinsmen to their fates Lorthe’mar decided “it’s time the Sindorei took matters into their own hands”.

The leader of the rebellion, Vol’jin never trusted the new Warchief. He made this clear from the beginning to both Hellscream and Thrall. For simply voicing this the Darkspear Trolls were kicked out of Orgrimmar. After nearly being killed by Kor’Kron assassins on Pandaria Vol’Jin decided to disappear for a while to recover from his near-fatal injuries. Believing Vol’Jin gone Hellscream sent soldiers to occupy the Echo Isles and Sen’Jin village. After learning of his successor’s unprovoked aggression against their closest allies Thrall decides to step in and help free the home he gave to the Darkspear people. After doing so he is shocked to see Vol’Jin is alive and is ready to make his move. He and Thrall lead an offensive to Razor Hill, capturing it and cutting Orgrimmar off from the rest of Durotar. It is here Thrall leaves for Orgrimmar in last-ditch effort to avoid the inevitable bloodshed to come between Horde leaders. After the Darkspear take Razor Hill Baine and the Tauren joins Vol’Jin for the Seige of Ogrimmar.

Mind you, that was just the short version of what’s happened so far, the fact that everyone knew about the Seige of Orgrimmar before MoP was even released took a bit away from the new lore Panadria itself brings to the table. As Chen Stormstout says in the opening cinematic, the question to ask is What is Worth Fighting For?

I skipped all the raids up to now and don’t expect to be able to do MoP’s endgame content until well into the next expansion. That’s how it was in WotLK for me as well so…yeah. I did get to do Dragon Soul (LFR version) when it was current though.

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1 Response to Blizzard to MMO-Champion: “This is why we don’t reveal until we’re ready.”

  1. “Trade Prince Gallywix hasn’t appeared outside the Goblin starting zone though like Ji Firepaw it’s every Goblin for him/her self.”

    Do the “Dark Heart of Pandaria” scenario. Among other goodies, you will discover that the jerk doesn’t follow through with certain contractual obligations that relate to coinage, which is essentially a bad, bad move. If you can’t even BUY loyalty, you’ve got problems.

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