Apotheosis: 5 Weeks Later

After 5 weeks since the release of Fire Emblem Awakening’s last North American Map was released, I have finally claimed my prize:

The Lost Tactician, Katarina

The only way to get her is by clearing all five rounds of Apotheosis, or The Strongest One’s Name (henceforth TSON) as it’s called in the Japanese Version. To call Apotheosis/TSON easier said than done is a MASSIVE understatement: It gets exponentially harder with each round. I used a stratedgy offered on Serenes Forest to clear this map. I already had the Skill and item requirements outlined in the stratedgy:



1. 2 Limit Breaker scrolls

2. A fully capped Sorcerer Avatar with Luna, Aegis, Pavise, Limit Breaker and Armsthrift

3. A fully capped Paladin Chrom (magic, res and luck over 30 at least) with Dual Guard+, Dual Strike+ and Limit Breaker

4. 10 forged Brave Lances (max might, then hit)

5. 1 forged Waste (max might, then hit)

6. 1 forged Aversa’s Night / Nosferatu

7. A lot of Elixirs

8. Some patience (could take an hour or so once everything is prepared, if you’re unlucky)

9. A support


To get Aversa’s Night, keep soft resetting on Summer Scramble (it has 18 shiny tiles).




Start the first round by pairing Chrom up with the Avatar, and equip Waste with the Avatar. He should be able to take all the hits from the Generals as they are not very strong, and they should all be dead on the enemy phase. If not, just kill them on the player phase. After that, go for the war clerics on the forts with Waste. Both should die in one round.


The second round is easy as well. Ask for the fliers instead of the war clerics. Waste + Brave Lance makes quick work of everyone here. Use an Elixir if necessary. Also, lure the enemies to the throne in order to take advantage of it for the Longbow Snipers next round.


The third round is probably the hardest other than the last, because of the Longbow snipers. Make your way to the throne to take out a few Generals. The Snipers and Bow Knights should be on their way now. Hopefully you haven’t taken too much damage yet. Try to kill one sniper per turn with Waste, and go back to the throne and use an Elixir when necessary. Keep killing snipers until you get to the next round. Don’t be afraid to use Aversa’s Night if you feel like you might die soon.


The fourth round is easy. Simply stay on the throne (lure enemies if necessary by going into their range, the AI does that sometimes). The Superior Jolt fliers are not a big problem as long as you use Waste.


The fifth round is tough and you may need Aversa’s Night for this one as you get ganged up on by enemies. You will need to go down and lure one of them; if you do, the entire army will start coming for you. Try luring them by switching to Chrom (his 8 move allows him to get away to the throne better). Wait a few turns to get rid of everyone with Waste and Elixirs on the throne. There are probably going to be a few survivor heroes and paladins remaining, not counting the Longbow snipers. There are a lot of Longbow snipers here, and it’s troubling. Once at full HP and once you’ve killed everyone you can on EP, move from the throne and start killing snipers with Waste (try going for the strongest sniper with 85 might). This is the riskest part of the guide because you might get gangbanged by a bunch of units and not activate Pavise, Aegis and Dual Guard enough, but you should be able to do it if you keep trying. The surviving heroes and paladins should die on the enemy phase to your Waste. Kill Snipers one by one with Waste until they’re all down. Finally, go for the War Clerics and Falcon Knights with Waste at the south part of the map. It should be easy.


I Got it on my 3rd attempt.


For the 3rd attempt I brought in two Guest Avatars with LB, Pavise, Aegis, Armsthrift and GF (Female) and Ingis (Male). The Male was a Sniper and the female was a Swordmaster. Never went to the Throne the entire map. After the first round I just juggled them around the fort in the bottom-left corner. The Sniper + Towering Bow came in handy for the Enemy Snipers with Longbows. While the enemies were busy trying to kill mine My AvatarxChrom took them out one by one. I lost my Guest Avatars in Round 5 (200,000G to recruit them both again ^_^) though my AvatarxChrom’s HP never went below 50. Still had two unused Forged Brave Lances left over though.

I’d say if you have Guest Avatars or Avatars from your other save files USE THEM! The money needed to recruit them again is trivial compared to losing a permanent unit. Plus their stats are superior to the Spotpass Teams. I got what I went it for and am in no hurry to do it again (LOL!).

As a heads up Apotheosis costs $2.50.  The DLC Map the Skill Limit Breaker drops from (Rogues and Redeemers 3) costs $3.00. In order to clear that map you will need to go in with your best team as the map’s difficulty is just above Future Past 3 due to the presence of Aegis and Pavise on many of the enemy NPCs. I’ll go into detail on Awakening’s Skills and DLC Packs including why it’s more cost effective to buy them in packs even now that all the North American DLC has been released.

More on that in another blog but the stratedgy I followed does work. Alot is assumed though if you’re going to attempt Apotheosis without having played the game on Lunatic+ before I suggest you follow the above stratedgy to the letter.

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