And Vita Makes Six

Six Handhelds, that is:

My PSP, PSP Go and PS Vita.

My GBA SP, Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo 3DS.

Apologies for the quality. I used my iPod Touch to take the picture. I don’t think it would’ve been any different if I used my phone >.>;

I got the Vita yesterday in Boston for under $200 at CEX Boston. CEX is a secondhand store that deals exclusively in used electronics, games and movies. I got Ragnarok Oddessey for the Vita at the Gamestop next door along with a 4GB memory stick for #17. I’m buying an 8GB stick next week and then I will wait for the price of a 32GB stick to come down. I got 3 months of Playstation plus and then got Gravity Rush, which is free for active PS+ Members. The difference between PS+ freebies and XboxLive Freebies: PS+ Freebies are only usable while your PS+ membership is active. You don’t need to keep XBL active to use XBL Freebies.

Since everyone knows I don’t favor one console maker over another I will make a 3DS/Vita comparison page sometime next week. A few noteworthy stuff I’ll list here regarding them:

  • Both consoles have a camera lens on both sides.
  • The 3DS supports physical DS Games. The Vita does not support physical PSP games.
  • Speaking of PSP Games: Physical Vita games are cartridges (less expsensive to mass produce vs. UMBs maybe?).
  • Both consoles support Netflix Streaming. Between them the Vita has a bigger screen obviously.  The Vita version is also more stable than the 3DS version. Between them, if I had to pick one to watch while lying down I’d go with the 3DS. It’s lighter and I don’t necessarily have to hold it while looking at the screen.
  • Both consoles support the painting App Colors! but accounts are not linked across consoles.
  • As hinted above the Vita is bigger, heavier and bulkier than the 3DS. I’m glad I kept the travel case I bought for my PSP a few years back. It’s small enough to not take up too much space in my backpack but big enough to securely hold my Vita.
  • Both consoles have a touch screen. The 3DS’s lower screen is the touch screen while the Vita’s screen can be operated by touch.
  • Like their console counterparts, the eShop/PlaystationNetwork can be accessed through the 3DS/Vita. Titles purchased through them can be used as soon as they’re downloaded.
  • This is obvious: The 3DS uses internal memory and an SD Card. The Vita uses its unique memory card (which happens to be VERY expensive. 32GB costs $100 for example).
  • Another obvious: The 3DS comes in multiple colors, two sizes (Original and XL) and an optional Right Circle Pad can be purchased separately. The Vita comes in just one color (BLACK), has one size (currently) and comes with a left and right circle pad built in.
  • Both online stores use real money and downloads can be qued. The difference is Vita downloads can be qued and downloaded in the background. With the 3DS you can’t do anything while something is downloading.

One other thing about the Vita I found annoying/wasteful despite already knowing it: You can’t use the movies and TV Episodes you bought via MediaGo on the Vita. I only bought a couple Death Note Epuisodes but still it felt like a waste of money in the long run. Not so much when I bought those same episodes via both Xbox Live and iTunes. Also not all of my PS One games can be played on the Vita. Ah, well. I’ve already designated my PSP Go for PSP and PS One downloads. I’ll figure something out.

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