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Michael Jackson and Sonic the Hedgehog! Wait, What?

Yes, it happened. And I’m sure many of you suspected as much the first time you played the 1994 Genesis classic. No? Take a look at this video: I was actually planning to put something like this together but seeing … Continue reading

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New Page: My 3DS Collection plus Links added to top of page

As you can now see, my links are now at the top of every page. I quickly figured out why my links on this blog weren’t getting much usage. I have also slightly updated my contect info to reflect the … Continue reading

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I just realized something: Gaming Fans Can Be Ruthless

  Honestly, this is the first time since the mid-1990s a game maker has dared to support more than one tier of their console at the same time, let alone THREE companies. The last comany to do that was Sega … Continue reading

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Review: Shin Megami Tensei IV (Nintendo 3DS)

I just beat the game for the first time almost exactly one week after buying it. Even if the game didn’t have three endings and two New Game+ modes to chose from I’d play through the game again just for … Continue reading

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$30 eShop Credit for Buying Two 3DS Games? Done.

                      I have to admit I was a little put off SMT:IV cost $10 more than Fire Emblem Awakening did. Then I remembered the OTHER reason Nintendo decided to go … Continue reading

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First Impressions: Guild Wars 2

Unless you follow me on Facebook you probably didn’t know I gout Guild Wars 2 on Thursday. Unlike most of the people I’ve seen talking about this game on various websites, when I played the first 30 minutes I didn’t … Continue reading

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I’m Done With World of Warcraft

And it has nothing to do with the game itself. Earlier this aftermoon I had a falling out with a friend I’d known for about four years. This email I just sent to mutual friend of our explains things in … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Ace Attorney (2012)

For the second time in this blog’s history I am posting a movie review. Like the one I did for Wreck-It Ralph this one’s exceptional. To my fellow Ace Attorney Fans: In case you’ve been living under a rock and/or … Continue reading

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Steam Summer Sale incoming July 11: That’s TOMORROW!

To that I can say I’m glad I’m set in terms of games right now. I’ve no plans to buy any more video games this summer. Manga from Comicopia and Music from iTunes yes but video games of any kind, … Continue reading

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These 3DS vs. Vita debates are silly

Video says it all. A few specifics I left out of my video: Both consoles have downloadable demos for select games. Netflix can be downloaded to both consoles free of charge. I have two physical Vita games (Ragnarok Oddeyssey and … Continue reading

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