I Now have Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

Here is my friend code for those who have the game also: 1762-2675-7277

I wasn’t planning to buy it as I said in a video but with so many people I know having gotten the game at launch I decided to get it last weekend. My native fruit is Peaches and I’m looking for everything else in terms of fruit trees. I haven’t done much in-game so don’t expect too much if you visit. Reply with you friend code and I will add you to my friend list. I will have my gates open from 10AM to 10PM (EST) unless I’m visiting someone during that time.

To those unfamiliar with the Animal Crossing games, basically it’s kinda like Facebook with a little bit of Harvest Moon and The Sims mixed in. The game also runs in real time so even when you’re not playing the game time keeps moving. Like The Sims there is no ending. You just keep playing. If you don’t know anyone who has Animal Crossing things’ll get stale after a while. Nintendo took steps to make playing with folks online a bit easier on New Leaf but there’s still alot to be desired. Once again I’m forced to use Gamefaqs to find people to trade fruit and other items with. I figure once I take care of that and if I can secure 100,000 bells from someone to start off I should be fine by the end of the summer.

Speaking of seasons the game does change with each season. In the winter it snows, it rains alot in the fall and you’ll see fireflies in the summer. I also have the DS version of Animal Crossing Wild World as well as Animal Crossing City Folk for the Wii. I am no amateur when it comes to Animal Crossing.

…If anyone else has the game just reply with your friend code ^_^

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