These 3DS vs. Vita debates are silly

Video says it all.

A few specifics I left out of my video:

  • Both consoles have downloadable demos for select games.
  • Netflix can be downloaded to both consoles free of charge.
  • I have two physical Vita games (Ragnarok Oddeyssey and Mortal Kombat) and 1 retail game I got for free via PS+ (Gravity Rush) as a digital download.
  • In addition to the 17 retail games I have for the 3DS I have about 40 Virtual Console games, 20 of them from the Ambassador program Nintendo launched 2 years ago for those who bought a 3DS prior to August 10, 2011.
  • The 3DS, like the DS before it only allows you to save 3 Wi-Fi configurations at a time. For me that means I only have one free slot since one is used for my home network and another for where I work. The Vita has no such restrictions.
  • The Vita supports Bluetooth Technology but the 3DS does not.


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