$30 eShop Credit for Buying Two 3DS Games? Done.












I have to admit I was a little put off SMT:IV cost $10 more than Fire Emblem Awakening did. Then I remembered the OTHER reason Nintendo decided to go with this promotion:

Yes, a crossover game is coming. SMT x FE is coming to the Wii U next year. Obviously I don’t have one so I figure the least I could do is buy SMT:IV for the 3DS. As you guys know from my earlier blogs I have played every Fire Emblem Game ever made. There isn’t much I don’t know about the Fire Emblem series. In contrast I knew almost nothing about Shin Megami Tensei prior to getting the 3DS game.

Like Awakening SMT:IV does have DLC and I will be buying as them as they’re released like I did with Awakening (Total cost was around $45 for just the DLC) . As I mentioned in the title Nintendo is offering a $30 credit through Club Nintendo to those who buy and register both games. Once both games are registered to Club Nintendo you will get a Redeem Code similar to Prepaid Currency Cards. Enter the code in your 3DS and you get $30 added to your account.

Unlike alot of people I know who just use prepaid cards I add funds using my Credit Card. I now have enough money to buy a retail game if I want to or a whole bunch of Virtual Console Games. There hasn’t been anything worth getting to me on the eShop since the first week of July though. I preordered Rune Factory 4 when I got SMT:IV. I played the first two but missed the 3rd. I’m looking forward to getting RF4.

To those looking to cash in on this promotion you have until August 31. Awakening was released in February in North America and sells for $35 new and on eShop. Shin Megami Tensei IV sells for $50 new and on eShop and was released on July 16 in North America. Spekaing of the eShop versions: If you buy one or both games via eShop they are automatically registered to Club Nintendo. You will still need to log into the website to get the redeem code, though. As for why SMT:IV costs $50 and not $35, it comes with a Stratedgy Guide and a Soundtrack CD (Has 8 Songs on it). Also SMT:IV is rated M for various obvious reasons.

With this and Animal Crossing I now have 18 3DS games. I have 21 Nintendo DS Games. In contrast I still have just 3 Vita games. The 3DS had a slow start too so I know what to expect in terms of games I wanna play.


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