I just realized something: Gaming Fans Can Be Ruthless


Honestly, this is the first time since the mid-1990s a game maker has dared to support more than one tier of their console at the same time, let alone THREE companies. The last comany to do that was Sega and we all know what happened to that company.

While I don’t see that happening to Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo let’s review the facts:

  • For 3rd party developers, it takes 12 to 18 months to make a video game. Making a game on the scale of, say The Last of Us easly took 3 years.
  • There’s a reason The Credits Roll when you beat the final boss of  video game. Sid Meier (Civilization), Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid and Solar Boy Django) and Will Wright (Sim City and The Sims) are revered 3rd party developers but they didn’t make the games they’re known for by themselves.

Here’s the credits for Metal Gear Solid:

In other words: ALOT of people played a part in making the game. This is the main reason the industry has such a hard stance against people who pirate video games. Everything else is just ego but this is the main one. Yeah, Kojima’s name is on box but he had a few hundred people who helped him put the game together.

My point is this: Game Makers are no different from movie makers. They do what they do to make money first and foremost. It’s always been that way. I’m not saything they don’t love what they do but priority is making money. Yeah, I hate the Call of Duty series but as long as it grosses $15 Million every two years Activision will keep making them.

This morning Microsoft announced the Xbox One Headset will sell for $25 (same as the 360’s when it launched) and Controllers will sell for $60 ($10 more than the 360’s when it launched). While I personally think controllers selling for as much as a game is a travesty I would buy an extra controller but not at that price. I’d wait for the price drop. I remember Nintendo 60 Controllers selling for $40 as well so…yeah.

Here’s my point: If you don’t like a particular game series or company don’t give them your money. And DON’T pirate their games. I cannot stress this last point enough. You’re sending the wrong message when you do. One of the guys who commented on my Shin Megami Tensei IV review mentioned he doesn’t want to buy a 3DS but wants to play the game. As I stated VERY CLEARLY in my review it’s worth getting a 3DS for. I don’t like DRM any more than the next person who fulliy understands what it is (I’ll talk about DRM in detail on my main blog tomorrow) but I support a company’s right to protect their product from theft.

All in all gamers need to learn to be patient and quit whining just to whine. The griefing I read in response to everything posted on Gamespot makes me shake my head sadly. It’s not wonder most game makers limit their interaction with their respective “Fanbases”. The fans can’t handle it. If you need any further proof, visit any Gamefaqs Message Board.


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1 Response to I just realized something: Gaming Fans Can Be Ruthless

  1. gunlord500 says:

    Yeah, gamers are notoriously difficult to please, and there’s often not that much profit in doing so. I would like to hear your opinions on DRM, though 😮

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