Pokemon X and Pokemon Y released October 12 in North America

Are you Ready?

I’m not getting the games tomorrow like I did with Diamond and Pearl. That’s because I bought these games earlier tonight:

Yes, I folded and bought All three of these games today. I will buy Pokemon White 1 in two weeks and will hopefully by then be done with Black 1, Black 2 and White 2’s main stories. The Action Replay I bought should certainly help get alot of old friends since the only 4th Gen Game I still have is Platinum.

In Case anyone’s wondering yes I am aware The Pokemon Global Network for Black/White and Black/White 2 is shutting down. I signed up for the X/Y Global Link, though. The reason: I’m going to buy a Pokemon Y 3DS ($200) next month. I need another 3DS and plan on using the second 3DS for second-copy digital purchases of a few games I already have a physical copy of: Both Harvest Moon Games, Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Like I mentioned two paragraphs ago yes I did buy an Action Replay. It’s certainly not the first time I bought one and for Pokemon, it’s a must. Oh and I am well aware of the risks associated with using an Action Replay. I never played online much during the 4th Gen and with everyone else transitioning to the 6th Gen tomorrow it doesn’t really matter. The Pokemon Global Link for Black/White 2 and Pokemon X/Y blocks hacked Pokemon from being traded. Of course, a way around that for breedable Pokemon is to just…breed ’em. Their offspring will be “clean”.

Man oh man so much catching up on gameplay mechanics I gotta do. Oh and this too:

Update 10: 15AM (EST):

Thanks the website Serebii.net (paste that into your browser) I’ve been able to confirm there are 453 Pokemon in Pokemon X  & Y. In terms of the National Dex the total number of Pokemon is now at 718 (up from 649 in B/W and 493 in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum). In comparison to Gens 2 through 5 the number of new Pokemon isn’t that big: 69 new Pokemon. It’s actually the smallest number of new Pokemon added in a gen EVER. In comparison, Gens 2 through 5 always added at least 100 new Pokemon. Let’s do some basic math:

  • Gen 1 Introduces 151 Pokemon.
  • Gen 2 Introduces 100 new Pokemon. There are now 251 Pokemon. National Dex Introduced.
  • Gen 3 Introduces 135 new Pokemon. There are now 386 Pokemon.
  • Gen 4 introduces 107 new Pokemon. There are now 493 Pokemon.
  • Gen 5 introduces 156 new Pokemon. There are now 649 Pokemon.
  • Gen 6 introduces 69 new Pokemon.  There are now 718 Pokemon.

I’m not including Mega Evolutions in the numbers since Nintendo made it clear Mega Evolution is a temporary state during battles and the Pokemon revert after the battle is over. Thanks to Serebii.net we know of about 50 Mega Evolution forms. It’s unlikely all existing Pokemon will have a Mega Evolution but the door is certainly open for more to be added in Pokemon Z (I’m assuming that’s what the name of the third game will be called).

Getting back to X/Y’s Pokemon yes there are 453 Pokemon. Why is that even though there are only 68 new Pokemon? The lion’s share of the Pokemon are from the previous 5 gens. You’ll see a number of old favorites including Kanto’s starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) and four of Kanto legendaries (Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres). The gens most represented is the 3rd and 5th. The abundance of 3rd Gen Pokemon would seem to suggest the Ruby and Sapphire remakes are coming next year to coincide with the 10th anniversary of their release.

Speaking of Ruby and Sapphire, I’ll post a review of both games later today.




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