Review: Pokemon Y (and X)


My review is for the version I have but this can also apply to Pokemon X, which is the same game with slightly different Pokemon and a slightly different Pokemon involving its main legendary, Xerneas (pronounced Zer-nays). I decided to go with Y for its legendary, Yveltal (pronounced Yeh-vel-tall).



Unlike Xernas its entire body is in the shape of its game’s letter (Y). Also unlike Xernas, Yveltal has a signature move, Oblivion (Flying Type version of Giga Drain). In comparison to its Johto counterparts, Yveltal easily surpasses both Lugia and Ho-Oh on Ferocity alone. Now let’s talk about Yveltal’s role in Y. According to Kalos legend, Yveltal is 3,000 years old–the same age as a certain hero you learn about in the game. Yveltal’s classification as The Destruction Pokemon is warranted and surpassed what I usually expect from Nintendo when it comes to giving Pokemon a background story: Yveltal’s sole purpose is to sow death and desstruction wherever it goes. After it absorbs the life energy of thousands of Pokemon it will sleep for 1,000 years to recharge.

On the flip side, Xernas’ role is the revive dead Pokemon as a sort of counter to Yveltal (though Xernas isn’t referenced as all in Y and presumably the same is true of Yveltal in X). For those who might be looking to build fun Halloween-style team, Yveltal is a perfect choice.

Overall I give the 6th Gen Games a 9/10.

Unfortunately, like the 5th gen games X/Y rely heavily on the Global Link website and as I learned when I bought Pokemon Black, Black 2 and White 2 the site will not remain open indefinitely. That alone isn’t the only reason these games did not get a 10. Another reason is the Battle Chateau, which is game-breaking before you beat the Elite Four. You battle trainers whose difficulty you can adjust each day. You’re guaranteed alot of money and EXP and can easily spend hours training there. The problem is it turns the last part of the main story into a last-minute grindfest. You will need a team (Emphasis on TEAM) of Pokemon level 65+ if you want to get past The Elite Four. All of the Elite Four Members’ Pokemon have moves to cover their weaknesses so…yeah.

The third thing and the reason I’m putting my Y in storage until January is the dependancy on the Global Link Website. For those who don’t know you will need an App that hasn’t been released yet to transfer Pokemon between the 6th and 5th gen games. It’s expected to be released in December but if the recent patch to fix a game-breaking glitch in Luminose City is any indication, it’s probably best to wait for the first update. As it happens I have yet to play through the 5th gen games anyway so it works out for me in the end.

Like all things, Pokemon X/Y isn’t for everyone. If you didn’t like Pokemon before obviously these games are not for you. After beating the Elite Four the only real thing left is completing the Pokedex and this time around I don’t want to be bothered. More so given the App to transfer Pokemon won’t be about for at least 2 more months and will apparently block hacked Pokemon from being traded. I’m hoping it will allow Pokemon caught in places they’re not normall found since that’s what I use my Action Replay for but I can adjust if it blocks all modded pokemon across the board period.

Anywho, I’m done. Unlike with the 3rd Gen I won’t get Pokemon X. Thanks to Wonder Trade and Global Trade Station there is no need to have both games. And now, back to my Fanfics, Persona 4, Valhalla Knights 3 and Rune Factory 4!

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