And then there are Two. TWO 3DS Systems

Yep, you’re seeing double =D

The one on the left I got on the day it was released in 2011. The one on the right I bought last night for $150 at a secondhand store (Not Gamestop. In case you’re wondering, a new 3DS goes for $170 though I’m sure there’ll be a price drop if not this holiday season then next summer).

As I revealed last month I bought Pokemon Y. I play it on my Blue 3DS. When I get Pokemon X next month (or after I buy a new PS3, whichever comes first. I had one but ended up having to sell it back to my brother when GTAV came out) I will play it on my Red 3DS. I also have around 18 games and apps that have the Streetpass feature. The maximum allowed right now is 12 so…yeah. It is interesting to note I still have the first two 3DS games I ever bought–both with the system: SUPER Street Fighter IV and Samurai Warriors Chronicles. Both games also use Streetpass.

As I said on Facebook a short time ago I will not both systems with me all the time. The blue one goes where I go 24/7/365 but the Red one can only tag along on days I’m not working. It’s just too much to keep track of with my other handhelds. As a reminder I also have a Vita, 3 PSPs, a DS Lite and a Game Boy Advance. Another thing I said on Facebook and something I’ve said before on this blog is video games are not just for playing games these days.

Here’s a list of some of the other things you can do with a 3DS besides play games:

  • Take pictures in 2D or 3D
  • Record Videos (up to 10 minutes) in 2D or 3D
  • Play Music in MP3 (PC required)
  • Stream Netflix and Hulu Plus (subscription required)
  • Draw, Share and Receive pictures via Colors! 3D and Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone.
  • Exchange notes with friends via Streetpass using Swap Note*
  • Record how many footsteps you take a day with the built-in pedometer
  • Buy Stuff via eShop

*In October Nintendo disabled the Spotpass function on Swap Note after some users started using it to send pornographic images. No timelime is currently available as to when, if ever this feature will be reenabled.

Of course the main attraction is playing video games on the 3DS butit can do other stuff, too. I have 21 physical 3DS games and 33 Digital Games, all on my Blue 3DS. 20 of them are the Abassador Games I got before the price drop in 2011 so…yeah. The only 3DS game left that I’m looking forward to is Super Smash Bros. so…yeah.


Update 1/2/2014:

Here are my Friend Codes for my 3DS systems. Reply to any of my blog posts with yours and I will add you to one or both consoles.


  • Blue Ambassador 3DS: 1762-2675-7277
  • Red 3DS: 2294-4851-3683




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