Gamespot: Some hardware issues reported with Xbox One

I’d be lying to myself if I said I didn’t see this coming.

Now before you folks who got a perfectly working PS4 last week yell “HAW-HAW!”, Microsoft is shipping replacement Xbox One consoles free of charge before you ship your broken one.

Nothing short of impressive.

Now granted, the reported faulty Xbox One consoles are of a smaller number compared to the PS4 but Microsoft’s response has been swift. The replacement offer was announced the same day the console launched. Sony said replacement PS4 consoles/new shipments probably won’t be guaranteed until February at the earliest.

…Thus, the Xbox One’s redemption is complete.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. As far as I care there is no winner or loser. Yet. Come back and ask me again around mid-April, then we’ll talk.

I do want to say this, though: If you’re looking to buy the PS4 or Xbox one and still have a 360/PS3, just keep it or sell it to a friend or give it away. Used PS3 and 360 consoles sell for $200 to $300 at Gamestop, which buys ’em from folks for around $90-$150. Ironic given Gamestop makes most of its money off preowned sales. You’re better off taking a chance with eBay in comparison.

Then again, I know some folks just don’t care and/or have the money to throw away. When I eventually buy an Xbox One, I will keep my 360. The $500 worth of movies and Anime I bought demands it XD


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