My Must-Have List of Games for 2013

It’s coming.

Probably next weekend but it’s coming. I will give you my list by system and unlike the mainstream sites (Gamespot, IGN, etc.) I’m not getting paid to give my lists. Just so you know I am posting games I bought this year so if you see a game listed that was released before 2013, it’s because I bought it during 2013.

For now, I’ll give you my list of reccommended PC Games:

World of Warcraft

Heh. It’s funny. A bad breakup  with a longtime friend destroyed my desire to play this game anymore. Then Warlords of Draenor was announced at Blizzcon. Don’t let the ex-WoW players turned haters fool you: the game has gotten better with each expansion. Mists of Pandaria is no different. It also helps the end of expansion raid is a proper raid unlike the debacle that was Madness of Deathwing. There is speculation Warlords of Draenor will be released in 2nd Quarter 2014 at the earliest but a summer release sounds more realistic. Given Blizzard has vowed to release new content faster we’ll see.

This expansion was released last year but with the next expansion having been announced at BlizzCon, now’s as good a time as any to enter the World of Warcraft. The Timeless Isle’s “catch up” mechanic helps fresh 90s or those like me who took some time off WoW to get geared enough to start raiding. Essentially, just group with some guild mates or other folks and run around mowing down whatever moves. It doesn’t hurt the final boss of the Seige of Orgrimmar always drops an Heirloom Weapon. Speaking of Heirlooms: Last week, Blizzard enabled cross-realm mailing of Heirlooms. It’s not a big deal if you only play on one server but given I do, I no longer have to do Paid Transfers to move mine.

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

While many folks with certain expectations griped about the Expansion’s Campaign mode I enjoyed it. The Multiplayer is fiercly competative. Casuals beware: If you play on a team don’t expect your team mate(s) to carry you. HotS made Starcraft II’s Arcade more Homebrew friendly and scores of fun games have been created as a result. The base game Wings of Liberty is on sale this holiday season. So is the expanson. Heart of the Swarm was released in March. Starcraft is difficult to play but easy to master.

Guild Wars 2

Another game released last year, much of the hype surrounding this game finally started to die down this spring, It’s funny: Before Guild Wars 2 came along, every MMO released in recent years had the main objection of being “The WoW Killer”. GW2 shook things up. With the current model, GW2 will continue to enjoy suceess in the years to come. One thing I will caution as I was cautioned: DO NOT compare GW2 to WoW or any other MMO. One thing it does well is it’s in a class of its own. Unlike WoW the leveling process is not meant to be powerleveled over night and if you try you wil lget frustrated fairly quickly. There focus is on exploring the world of Tyria. Learn to do this and you will level to 80 before you know it. Due to work and the fact that I moved I haven’t played GW2 in a few months. Since the game doesn’t have a monthly sub I know I can jump back in to the game at any time ^_^

Duck Tales Remastered

Life is Like a Hurricane here in Duckberg…

Those currently between 25 and 35 (or even older) might remember watching the hit Cartoon during the early 90s. You might also remember Ducktales was released on the NES in 1989. 24 years later, the game has returned to take Steam, Xbox Live and The Playstation Network by the moneybags. I bought my copy of the game via Xbox Live but the only difference between the ports is controller type. They all have the exact same achievements/trophies.

Man…Ducktales Remastered is nothing short of a trip down memory lane. Not just for the original NES game but the Cartoon as well. It’s fully voiced with the original vice actors from the cartoon as well–SWEET! The game only takes 2 hours max to clear but the unlockables will have you coming back for more. And the music…just click the link above.

The game is available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as a physical game but if you get a digital copy you save $5. It’s only $15 on XBL, PSN and Steam. If you want to waste a ton of free time in the HD remake of one of the best paltformers ever made (that’s no exaggeration), Ducktales Remastered is right up your alley. Ducktales  Remastered was released in August.

Those are my picks for 2013 for the PC. I could only go with games I’ve played myself for obvious reasons. Now we’re moving on to the consoles. I only have two PS3 games at the moment (Tales of Graces f and FF13), neither of which I bought this year. Next up will be the Xbox 360 followed by the Vita, ending with the 3DS.

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