Must-Haves 2013: Xbox 360


…It’s ironic: Except for Mortal Kombat, The Michael Jackson Experience (reminder: I am obsessed with his music. This will never change!) and Assassin’s Creed 1, all of the 360 games I bought this year were digital purchases. Of those digital purchases only one was actually released this year. It’s an HD remake yes but it is arguably one of the greatest Platformers of all time:

DuckTales Remastered

You’re not imagining things. Click on the picture to go to the trailer. Then let the nostalgia flow.

You can have it for $7 right now if you buy it via Steam–it’s on sale for another 24 hours! I bought the game via Xbox Live when it was first released but I also bought the Steam version this morning so that I can play the game on my Laptop.

Whew…where to start with this one. Instant classic. Simple controls. Simple objectives. Fully Voiced. The ability to swim in money. What else do ya need?!

As I mentioned a moment ago this game is not an Xbox 360 exclusive BUT it was released digitally via Xbox Live/Steam/Playstation Network Wii U Network for $15 a month before physical copies were made available for $20 a few weeks later. If you ever played the original NES verson or watched the TV series during the early 90s this game is worth checking out. Even if you haven’t experienced either the game’s fun factor is addicting.

Persona 4 Arena

I bought this game yesterday and have cleared the game’s story mode as Yu Narukami.

P4A is part sequel part crossover between Persona 3 and Persona 4. For that reason, it’s not reccommended you play P4A’s story mode unless you’re familiar with both games. P4A is a direct sequel to P4. It takes place a year after the events of P4 and three years after the events of P3. Akihito, Mitsuru, and Aigis from P3 have come to Inaba because they’re looking for Labrys, a Persona-using Android two generations older than Aigis (who can also use a Persona by the way). Their search brings them into the TV World, which is unique to the town of Inaba. The Investigation Team (The P4 cast) goes into the looking for Rise, Teddie and Kanji, who have gone missing and to help solve the mystery of Laprys. Elizabeth from P3 rounds out the roster of playable characters.

This game entertains one interesting question: Which of the Persona 3 and 4 characters would come out on top if they fought each other? This game is the result and it doesn’t disappoint. The controls are easy to learn but hard to master. It was made using the same mechanics as the Guilty Gear and Blaze Blue games. It’s been almost a year since PtA was released in the U.S. but the online’s alive and kicking.

Considering this is Persona we’re talking about this isn’t that big of a surprise. If you’d like to know more about Persona 4, see the review I wrote in August. P4A is available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

And that’s basically it.

The Free With Gold Promotion is still going. I’ve picked up a couple games myself. The main reason I don’t have alot of 360 games is because I have 25GB of free space left on my 360’s 250GB hard drive. This does not include the additional 62GB worth of video and games on the two flash drives plugged into my console. Yes, The One was released last month but while folks turn their attention to The One I can focus on getting a few more games for my 360.

Just like when I got my 360 two years ago, I got my Ps3 for a few specific games. I prettymuch have all of the 360 games I set out to own. Now my focus shifts to my PS3, of which I only really gave 4 ganes. One of them is The Last of Us, which was bundled with the console. There won’t be a list for PS3 games so the shift goes to the handhelds. I know it’ll take a while so be on the 3DS. As a reminder: My lists are based on games I bought this year. I will NOT talk about games I haven’t played myself because it doesn’t make any sense to do that.

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