My Must-Haves: 3DS Part 1

…Whew. This is going to be a long one so I decided to break it into two blog posts. This list contains two games released on the 3DS this year, one of which I consider Game of The Year. Both are also 3DS exclusive and are not ports or remakes. The second list contains the other games I bought this year.

Without further ado, here is The Aurabolt’s 3DS Game of The Year:

Fire Emblem Awakening

No other game comes CLOSE to the amount of time I’ve spent playing this game.  I don’t mean this year but all-time: On my Blue 3DS I’ve logged in 402 hours and 9 minutes. On my Red 3DS I’ve logged in 48 hours and 2 minutes and I haven’t beaten the game on my Red 3DS yet. If you look at the review I wrote for the game back in April when I beat the game for the first time I had logged in 30 hours.

The game is just the complete package. You can play the game your way and the DLC Maps are repeatable. The game is also hailed  by some North American Fire Emblem Fans as striking a good balance of appealing to both casual and hardcore players. If you chose Classic at the start of your game, the series’ famous Perma-Death is in effect. Units who fall in battle are dead for good so…yeah. Casual Mode turns off Perma-Death. Units who fall are not lost forever and can be used again after the battle is over. If Chrom or The Avatar die it’s instant game over though.

I gotta admit I didn’t expect this to be my most played game of the year. Even more than World of Warcraft, Pokemon X/Y and Persona 4 combined (!). When I reviewed the game I gave it a 10 out of 10. I still stand by the rating I gave it. The Elitists can’t get enough of Lunatic+ and Apotheosis. The game is a decient one for those new to Fire Emblem. It also helps you can recruit heroes–and villains–from the previous Fire Emblem games to join your army: Ike, Ephraim and Roy, oh my! At current you can find the game for $40 both retail and as an eShop title. The DLC combined is $56 but having bought ALL of the DLC twice in the same calendar year–for I have two copies of this game–it was well worth it.

Speaking of DLC, I’ll speak to that in detail in a speare blog post. Below is the runner up.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

Quite possibly one of the most underestimated games on the 3DS. I know I didn’t take it seriously until I actually played it. Looking back now I can see how the Shin Megami Tensei series is hit or miss. While the PS2, PS3, PSP and Vita got the Persona games, the DS and 3DS got the Shin Megami Tensei games. As I said in the review I did for this game, the game’s main themes are Chaos and Order. The choices you make while you’re exploring Tokyo will lead you down one of the two paths. It’s no so much a question of right vs. wrong but living with one of two lifestyles. Walter’s path leads to Order and Johnathan’s leads to Chaos.

To chose one is to reject the other. Like Fire Emblem Awakening this game does have DLC. The game can be enjoyed without them as most of the DLC contains vanity items. The four angels Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Raphiel are available in pairs as bosses. Beating them is easier said than done but if you do, you can recruit them. The game boasts over 30 hours per playthrough and yes there is a New Game+. You can customize your experience and swap the demons in your fighting party with the demons you have on standby on the fly. Some demons are better suited for certain roles. I like to think of it as Pokemon for grown-ups.

Anywho, there you have it. These are my picks for game of the year. Yes, I have Animal Crossing. Yes, I have Pokemon X and Y. Yes I have Rune Factor 4 and yes I have Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. Even so, I’m not being paid to share my opinion so..yeah. The five games I just names will get their due in part 2 this weekend.

Later this week I will post the final console list: My Vita must-haves for 2013! Tomorrow, I will post a list of all of the games I bought this month across all of my consoles as well as Steam.

Speaking of Steam:

Brick and Mortar stores may be closed for Christmas, but not Steam. If you don’t have Steam you’ll be able to get your mits on lots of games for next to nothing. You’ll find hundreds of games on sale every day, yes but during the holidays the games sell for next to nothing. I got Age of Empires II HD + its expansion The Forgotten for $6 for example so…yeah.

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