Poke Bank Released in North America Wednesday

The wait is finally over.

Over 6 weeks after the App was originally supposed to have launched, the most eagerly anticipated Nintendo Application ever made has finally come to the U.S. and Canada. The App was originally set to be released worldwide on December 26, 2013 but the release was pushed back when just the Japanese release crashed the servers and resulted in a massive slowdown with the eShop worldwide.

Nintendo announced Poke Bank’s release was being pushed back while they deal with the server problems and tighten the Poke Check feature, which screens Gen 5 Box 1 for hacked Pokemon. The App released today is the end result of said maintenance. Bear in mind Poke Bank is a cloud-based system and it isn’t free either. It costs $5 a year after the 30 day trial (you can pay using stored funds on your eShop account). Since I have two 3DS consoles that’s $10 a year for me.

Before I talk about the Poke Transporter App that comes with Poke Bank I will explain why Poke Bank is worth the investment:

  • Wanna restart your game but don’t want to lose your Pokemon? Simply upload them to Poke Bank, resrart your game, get the Kalos Pokedex, save and then download the Pokemon you backed up back to your game. Unlike My Pokemon Ranch, Pokemon Box R/S and Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 restarting your game doesn’t bar you from withdrawing the Pokemon you stored since all the needed info is already on your Nintendo ID.
  • It’s only $5 a year. That’s not asking for much given how much storage you get to work with.
  • For all intents and purposes, it’s probably future proof. When the Gen 7 Pokemon Games are released it’s not unreasonable to expect Poke Bank support for it as well.
  • It comes with the Poke Transporter App at no extra cost to migrate Pokemon from Gen 5 to Gen 6.
  • The more you use it, the more you get out of it. The first time you use it you’ll get your pick of 10 BP or 100 PokeMiles. The second time you’ll get an Even Celebi (You have until September 1 to claim it!). No doubt it will also be used to transfer other Event Pokemon Nintendo gives away for as promotion or something.

Doesn’t get any better than that.


Those with Pokemon Black/Black 2/White/White 2 can make use of the Poke Transporter App to send their Pokemon to Pokemon X and/or Pokemon Y via the Poke Bank. How it works is simple: Insert the Gen 5 game into your 3DS and then run the Transporter App. All eligable Pokemon in Box 1 will be permanently uploaded to your Poke Bank. The process is one-way and any equipped items are returned to your Bag in the Gen 5 game. Any Pokemon you do not want transferred should be moved out of Box 1 BEFORE you run the App.

Since I’m open about the fact that I use an Action Replay to create Pokemon to finish my Pokedex, I’ll speak to the Legit Check this App uses to block hacked Pokemon from being uploaded. As has been widely reported by Players on both Gamefaqs’ Pokemon X Board and Serebii.net’s forums the Legit Check is flawed. I tested the Legit Check earlier and two of the Pokemon I made using my Action Replay got through. Those who have event Pokemon will want to pay close attention to this next part: it’s been confirmed by many players the Legit Check blocks legit Event Pokemon with special moves from being transferred.

It’s obvious the Poke Transporter App’s Legit Check needs to be adjusted. For those who use Smartphone based Apps like PokeGen and PokeBuilder several players have confirmed all Pokemon created with those Apps are blocked. Basically, if it’s highly unlikely the Pokemon can have certain values at the time it’s made, it will not be transferrable. Don’t worry, the rejected Pokemon will not be deleted. Weather Nintendo is keeping a log of folks trying to transfer hacked Pokemon or not is another matter in and of itself but if they are, non-legends created with third party software that can be bred have a low chance of being rejected.

Now that Poke Bank has been released and I have a general idea of what Pokemon I make with my Action Replay can be transferred, I will finish my playthrough of all four Gen 5 games (I got them all the same month I got my Red 3DS and Pokemon X) this Summer. I wanted to say April Break but assuming School in Boston is cancelled Monday due to snow, I can see April Break being cancelled (LOL!).



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