First Look Review: Dynasty Warriors Next (PS Vita)


Believe it or not, it took me 6 hours to track down a physical copy of this game yesterday/Friday. I found my copy at a Gamestop for $17 Used. When I put the game down after playing for 3 hours, let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for a digital copy as I originally planned.

For the many who many not be familiar with the Franchise, Dynasty Warriors (henceforth DW) is a Real Time Strategy game that chronicles China’s legendary Romance of The Three Kingdoms Era. The this era saw the emergence of many heroes of Chinese lore. If you want the details, look it up on Wikipedia or something. Anyway, Dynasty Warriors have been around for some time, first starting as The Video Game Romance of The Three Kingdoms. The three kingdoms being Wu, Wei and Shu. In Dynasty Warrors you always have a Campaign or Story Mode where you pick a faction and play through their side of history during that period.

In Dynasty Warriors Next’s Campaign Mode you will play with all three factions in the same playthrough. This is impressive given there are 65 playable characters in this game. This is nothing new for the Dynasty Warriors games, Japanese counterpart Samurai Warriors or their crossover series Warriors Orochi. It IS impressive for a handheld, especially given the graphic presentation on the Vita.

This is about as far as I’m willing to speak on the positives with this game.

Outside Campaign Mode, it quickly became clear to me Koei either tried too hard to utilize the Vita’s Touch and Motion Countrols or were under pressure to utilize the Touch and Motion Controls for some reason. The four touch-based mechanics make the game impossible to play in public for starters. What’s worse is one of them results in an instant battle loss if you fail.

I’ve played every DW game released from 2006 to now. Yes, even the forgettable DS Game Dynasty Warriors Fighters’ Battle. This one is the worst DW game I’ve ever played. Yes, I liked Fighter’s Battle in case those who played it are wondering. The motion controls in DW Next and the inability to skip or turn them off ruined my experience outside Campaign Mode. You can create custom fighters but both Samurai Warriors 3 and Samurai Warriors Chronicles do a better job here: The Created Officers are just clones of the DW case with originial faces. That’s prettymuch it more or less.

Even so, Campaign is what I consider to be worth getting the game for. There is online play but as I understand it, online is pretty dead. The game was released two years ago, after all. There is also DLC where you can buy alternatve costumes for all the officers. Overall I give the game a 3/10. The game certainly hasn’t aged well and as I said, it doesn’t have much to offer outside Capaign Mode. Conquest Mode is a bad attempt at Risk and it’s painfully obvious.

Instead, wait for the Vita port of this game:


It comes to the Vita next month on the 25th. Ugh…I have the next week off from work but I don’t think any amount of time will change my opinion of DW Nexy X.X


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