Boost to Level 90 in World of Warcraft tenatively set to $60

That’s the price for those who want to skip leveling to 60 + leveling through 4 expansions worth of content.

The response from the internet has been mostly negative as usual. I’m sure a Blizzard Dev will make a statement in the next day or two regarding the cost, why they set it at that amount and etc. The one arguement for the price I’m sure Blizzard and the anti-microtransaction camp can agree on is from a certain point of view, the price is justified given a new character is skipping 90 levels worth of content.

I’ve leveled three characters to 90 myself: A Paladin, a Death Knight and a Warlock. I have a Priest at level 87 and a Shaman, Warrior and Druid each at level 86 (All Alliance by the way). Of them, I know I’d want to boost the Priest and Druid to 90. Leveling through Pandaria as a Priest is nothing short of irritating. The same goes for my Druid, which I haven’t used much since Feral was split into Feral (DPS) and Guardian (Tank).

Anyway, as of right now my level 83 Horde Paladin gets the free boost to 90. That will not change. I can only hope Blizzard lowers the price by at least $20, otherwise I would only be able to do the boost a couple times a year. Its one thing to pay $60 for a new game but $60 to boost a single character to 90 is too much for me to rationalize and I like paying for shortcuts when it makes sense. If the intent was to discourage folks from doing it, there’s no worry there. This would also explain why the Scroll of Ressurrection is being discontinued. Instead, folks will be directed to pay for the boost to 90.

I’m not a WoW doomsayer but I will say WoW needs to change its business model if it wants to say profitable and bring back some of the folks who’ve left for other games. Even those with active subscriptions are finding fewer and fewer reasons outside the friends they’ve made to keep playing. See, the thing folks who either hate/misunderstand or MMOs or don’t play MMOs don’t get is the primary draw for folks to play MMOs is to play with like-minded folks.

Even so, WoW is still the only MMO left that triple charges its player base:

  • There is a monthly subscription of $15 to play the game.
  • New expansions cost $40.
  • The WoW Battle Chest costs $30 (Not the trial version). For those who don’t know, the WoW Battle Chest is the base game plus the first three expansions (Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm).

The total cost for a new player looking to start with the most current content is actually $70 since your first month is free. Even so, it’ll cost you $180 a year to keep playing plus the $40 per new expansion every 3-4 years. I consider myself lucky I stopped playing WoW in December: As of December 27, 2013 I’ve put $1450 into the game. I’m including the $300 worth of Gold I’ve bought from Gold Farmers in that amount.

Unlike most folks who’ve played WoW, quit for whatever reason and then turn around and bash it because it’s the cool thing to do, I still have a favorite opinion of the game and the game’s lore. Given the greed on Blizzard’s part is becoming more and more obvious I’m done for a while. This will be the first time since I started playing WoW I won’t be playing during launch week of the new expansion but I’m fine with that. I’m not gonna name any demands/conditions to change that for there are none.

Again: I still like the Warcraft Universe though I no longer play the game. I was originally planning to come back for a few weeks to try Warlords of Draenor but I have so many other games to play and other stuff to do it would be a waste of time and money for me.


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