Postgame Review: Bravely Default (Nintendo 3DS)

The title screen after Chapter 4.

SPOILER: Airy knows more than she appears to.

I beat the game while I was on my way to pick up Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. All I can really say is Mind = Blown.

The second half of the game looks like someone keeps pressing the reset button (WOOT!) but the context clues you’re given in Chapters 1 and 4 really start to make sense when you go for the Airy Ending. The pictures above are Exhibit A: Airy Lies. The title screen changes to say both starting with Chapter 5. I didn’t rush through the game but I wouldn’t exactly say I took my time either. Lord DeRosso’s history lesson in Vampire Castle literally tells you the Eternian Military is not the true enemy and in fact, they saw the evil to come and were taking steps to fight said evil before and during the events of the game. Sage Yuliana’s words when you first meet him as well as in Chapter 4 are the biggest clues without actually telling you straight up “Don’t trust the fairy!”

I have to say I was impressed with how multilayered and how literally multidimensional the game is. Ringabel’s true identity…well, holy shit. You kinda get an idea when you see Alternis Dim’s face at the end of Chapter 4 but when you find out just how tragic Ringabel’s past is…kudos to Square-Enix. Sage Yuliana’s advice to Anges to “be willing to disobey”…it comes into play after Chapter 5. Edea develops a hero complex when she decides to join up with Agnes and Tiz but she really shines when she draws steel against her mentor Swordmaster Kamiizumi and her father Braev the Templar. Tiz is probably the most enigmatic character in the group. Ouroboros’ words plus the teaser for the sequel Bravely Second (not to be confused for the battle mechanic of the same name) reveals there’s more to Tiz than we may have been led to believe. I can only hope the U.S. gets the sequel to come.

As I mentioned above the game does have two endings. Regardless of which ending you get first, you can resume your save file after getting one ending to get the other. I got the Ouroboros Ending first and the Airy Ending second. I named them based on the final boss of each ending.  You can get Airy’s Ending starting in Chapter 6 by breaking a Crystal. To get Ouroboros’ Ending, don’t break any Crystals from Chapters 6 through 8. Fighting an endgame boss who uses the multiverse as his personal plaything will lead you to ask this important question: How does one kill a boss that can destroy a world in an instant, restoring himself to full power in the process?

I’d tell you but that would be a massive spoiler XD

I bought the game via the eShop last week since I couldn’t find a physical copy. I mentioned in my Preview of the game I rated the game 8/10. I am now boosting it to 9/10. I would give it a 10/10 if Chapters 5 through 8 weren’t mostly carbon copies of each other.

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