March 3 Progress Report: Tales of Symphonia (PS3), Bravely Default (3DS), Pokemon X (3DS) and Persona 3 (PSP)

Whew…all I can say is I’ve been playing ALOT of video games lately. My nostalgia thrill ride through Symphonia aside for a moment, I did beat Bravely Default and Pokemon X three days apart: I beat Bravely Default for the first time on Thursday and finally beat Pokemon X yesterday. This freed me up to resume my 1st playthrough of Persona 3 (PSP version).

I didn’t think to do this with Bravely Default, Pokemon Y and Etrian Oddyssey Untold but every now and then I’ll blog my progress through the Roleplaying Games I’m currently playing. I might blog my progress with other games but I find it would be more meaningful for me to blog RPGs since unlike The Internet I play my games for my own personal enjoyment first and take my time playing them second. I’ll do a writeup on this in a separate blog post but the vocal minority is of the mindset “If you’re having fun, you’re not playing the game the right way.”

Without firther ado, here’s my progress so far:

Tales of Symphonia (PS3)

Where to begin. Ok, so how’s this: I spent 14 straight hours playing this game yesterday. I turned on my PS3 at 9:00AM Sunday morning and didn’t turn it off until 11:30PM the same day. Much of that time was spent grinding Artes Useage (Techs before Abyss but they didn’t rename it Artes in the PS3 release) to unlock Thunder Blade and Air Thrust on Kratos and Genis, Eruption on Genis and Nurse on Raine.

When I started my 14-hour session I was in Triet after releasing the first seal. I went to the Ossa Trail and did Sheena’s intro scene + the first fight. Nostalgia glasses were on. I beat her with relative ease but decided to hold off on fighting Sword Dancer until later. For those who don’t know, the cutoff time to fight Sword Dancer for the first time is visiting the Sylverant Tower of Salvation.

Anyway, after the event was done I went to Izood to restock and rest at the Inn. I got Aifead’s Letter and talked to Max (the guy Lyra asks to take the group to Palmacosta) but decided not to take the boat just yet. You see, the first time I played Symphonia in 2006 I went to Palmacosta on my first playthrough. I didn’t realize it at the time but going to Palmacosta first is the easier order for Seals 2 through 4. This branching point is one of the reasons Symphonia took me 63 hours to clear the first time.

Even with the knowledge of what was the come, the Luin/Hima and Asgard Region was an uphill battle:

  • Windmaster took two attempts to down. I was a bit underleveled and undergeared for the fight. I kept getting juggled despite going with a Lloyd/Colette/Kratos/Raine setup with Raine in the back. I ended up having to grind Gald outside Asgard until I had a decient stock of Gels and Life Bottles for my second attempt.
  • The Wind Seal’s boss was tough but I downed it on one attempt. I knew I was going to have my second and final battle with Sheena right after so I had to conserve my gels to heal up with.
  • Sheena herself was fairly straightforward: I took out the Guardian first and then went after her. She focused on Raine and Genis so that left me (as Lloyd) free to beat down her partner. When I ran out of TP I spammed Tiger Blade on her. Normal Combo into Tiger Blade staggered her and gave Raine/Kratos the 5 seconds they needed to get off First Aid.
  • I still had a party of five for the Tower of Mana. I didn’t have much trouble until I got to boss itself. I ran out of mana so I used the stratedgy described above prettymuch but with the forced Colette I swapped Kratos programmed to only use Magic (I turned off his Strike Artes). Speaking of which…
  • The Asgard Human Ranch was a Magic spamfest with Sheena now in the party. I had Kratos, Lloyd and Sheena go for Kvar with Kratos using default settings. Kratos and Sheena kept Kvar busy while I focused on Kvar’s teammates. Once they were downed the fight got way easier.
  • Even though I was WAY underleveled I decided to go for Sylph. They made me pay for being unprepared and stomped me. Twice. It is interesting to note if the party wipes fighting a Summon Spirit it’s not an instant game over. Instead you’ll be in front of the summon spirit with half your HP and MP. Anyway, after the second loss I went into the Tower of Mana and Arte grinded until Kratos learned Air Thrust. I went with Lloyd/Sheena/Kratos/Raine with Kratos’ Strike Artes turned off. During the third attempt Kratos learned Healing Wind–an area heals spell–during the battle (WOOT!) which ended up being the deciding factor. I was obviously undergeared and underleveled (I should have been level 29+) but I stuck with the same strategy all three times: Selphie (Caster), Fairess (Ranged) and Yutis (Melee) in that order. I went in with two casters and a melee with limited tools for the fight. Like I said, it took three attempts. The third time I was able to get Lloyd healed in time to finish off Selphie. While I was taking down Fairess Kratos learned Healing Wind, which ended up being the deciding factor. The momentum permanently shifted in my favor and I took down Yutis in short order.
  • My business with the Asgard/Hima/Luin Region complete, I returned to the Ossa Trail to take on Sword Dancer, who was patiently waiting for me. For those who don’t know, Sword Dancer appears at three points in the game. The first time is in the back of the mine in the Ossa Trail. There is a very narrow window in which you can fight him and he must be fought before you advance the story too much. Beating him all three times nets you Lloyd’s ultimate weapon: The Kusinagi Blade, which is more powerful than the Material Blade (though the latter weapon is needed to use Lloyd’s Mystic Arte) you get during the endgame. I’ll talk about the other two opportunities to fight Sword Dancer when I’ve played that far into the game.

This concludes my 14-hour session prettymuch. I left off at the Palmacosta Inn and then called it a night (LOL!). Since writing just this part of this blog post took so long I’ll resume my playthrough tomorrow after work.


Bravely Default


I beat the game a few da7s bef0re I got the above game. I think I mentioned this in my postgame review but I went for the Ouroboros Ending and then did the Airy Ending. After getting both endings I started a New Game+ with everything except levels carried over from my first playthrough. Well, I didn’t want it to be TOO easy the second time (LOL!). Seeing as I got both endings already and it was a digital download (on my Red 3DS), I’ll revisit the game after I’ve cleared Tales of Symphonia at least 3 times and beat Persona 3 for the first time.


Pokemon X

Notice I said Pokemon X, not Y. As a reminder I have a physical copy of both games. The difference between my playthrough of Y and X is with Y, Poke Bank wasn’t released at the time I was ready to go for the main legendary in the Team Flare Base. The main thing was at the time I had Y I only had one 3DS. Having a second 3DS made the experience WAY easier (LOL!).

I knew I was going to fight Lysandre right after I caught Xerneas so I brought over my level 53 Malamar from Y for the fight just like I did with Yveltal in Y (As an aside, I can’t seem to recall when I caught Malamar in Y). Malamar’s unique Dark/Psychic Type leaves only Fairy-types to fear. For those who don’t know, Dark types are weak against Fairy-type moves. On top of that so are Fighting Types. I mention that because I started with Chespin, who was now a level 56 Chestnaught. So this begs the question: How in the world did I catch the Fairy-type Level 50 Xerneas using a Grass/Fighting Type and a Dark Type to put it to sleep? I used Lucario (At level 49) to weaken it (being part Steel only Fire and Ground type moves are Super Effective against it) and then switched in Malamar to put Xerneas to sleep.

Mind you, I went in intending to use the same strategy I used to catch Yveltal 4 months earlier. Much to my surprises that ended up not being necessary: The turn after putting Xerneas to sleep I used a Timer Ball. I only needed one. The thing about the Timer Ball is the longer the battle lasts, the higher the rate of success. Prettymuch the only ball more powerful than the Timer Ball is the Master Ball, which has a 100% success rate. Speaking of the Master Ball I still have my Master Ball in Y sitting in my inventory. Yes, I caught Yveltal, Mewtwo and Zygarde the old fashioned way ^_^

Anyway, after getting the 8th badge and getting through Victor Road I used my Action Replay to create a Dratini, Larvitar and Steelix in Pokemon White 1. I then power leveled them to 100 using Rare Candies and imported them to X by way of Poke Transporter and Poke Bank along with a few other Pokemon. Could I have cleared the Elite Four and Diantha without the 3 100s? Probabably but it would’ve been much harder and would have required spending tonight and tomorrow night in the Battle Maison leveling my team up to that point into the 68-75 range. Like I did in Y with Yveltal and Delphox, I brought Xerneas and Chestnaught with me in X through the Elite Four.

Having unlocked the Friend Safari in both games, all that’s left for me really is to fill out the Pokedex. Unfortunately for me, for the time being I won’t be able to transfer hacked legendaries to X and Y no matter how legit-looking I make them. Relax, I’m not into competative battling and realistically I doubt I’ll ever actually finish the 6th Gen National Dex even with the Action Replay’s limited assistance.

If anyone willing to part with the following legendaries would like to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated:


  • Regirock
  • Regice
  • Registeel
  • Latias
  • Latios
  • Groudon
  • Kyogre
  • Rayquaza
  • Arceus
  • Manaphy
  • Shaymin
  • Darkrai
  • Victini
  • Genesect

That’s it prettymuch. I have all four 6th Gen Games plus Platinum so…yeah. I’m going to try to get a good deal on Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold and SoulSilver (wishful thinking for those last two. LOL) at Anime Boston. If I’m REAL lucky I’m hoping I find at least two of the 3rd gen games (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen) there but again, I don’t expect to have much luck there.

If you need my friend codes, check the Contact Info Page. Add me and then comment to this blog post with your friend code.

Persona 3

This game has a slow start. I bought it via the Playstation Network last summer but haven’t played it as much as Persona 4. Mostly because of the move, then other games I got since then (too many to list lol). The slow start and slow grind certainly don’t help. Yet I will beat this game eventually so that I can better understand Akihiko and Mitsurugi’s backstories. by the way both of them plus Aigis appear in Persona 4 Arena, which was released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (Some advice: Don’t buy it if you never played P3 or P4. It’s a direct sequel to P4 and indirect sequel to P3).

After I eventually finish P3, I have Persona 2 waiting for me on my PS3…

That’s prettymuch where I’m at. Symphonia is definitely going to be the only PS3 game I play for the rest of the school year. I DID buy my PS3 specifically for Symphonia, Xillia and to finish Graces f after all. Well, that and to serve as my Blu-Ray Player and hub for transferring PSP games and movies to my PSP Go and/or Vita since it’s more reliable than using the PC Client.


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