Buy Six GTA Games on Steam for $10!


The only ones not included–Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories–can still be bought on The Playstation Network for the PSP (compatible with the Vita).

This Meme immediately came to mind when I logged into my Steam Account just now:

…Given I never actually played GTA San Andreas, GTAIV or Episodes from Liberty City (*GASP!*), naturally I’m buying the bundle. It’s freaking SIX full games that’ll take at least 10 days each to play through, all of which have replay value. And all six games are being sold as a bundle for $10.

Hehe…I just bought GTA Vice City via The Playstation Network on my PS3 in January for $10. I have a dual shock controller for my computers (I have two) so I’m good there. Luckily for me I’ve already set aside the necessary funds for Anime Boston and work this week so this won’t effect me goint into this week. It will be the last time I use my plastic until Anime Boston. I certainly won’t have the time to play the games until maybe the summer at the earliest but having played GTA 3 and GTAVC when they were current, I know a good deal when I see one XD

As a reminder to families with young children who may be reading this: The Grand Theft Auto games are rated M for Mature (18+). The mature themes contained in the GTA games are inappropriate for children–especially young children under 14. The GTA games promote and glorify lifestyles no parent would want their children to be exposed to.

While yes there are other M rated games, due to the nature of the GTA games specifically as well as my career in education I felt obligated to throw in that warning at the end.


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