Court Records returns to Anime Boston while Persona 4 makes its debut

It is official:

Court Records: Ace Attorney makes its triumphant return to Anime Boston!

Court Records: Ace Attorney stole the show at its premiere last year. This year, it will be bigger and better. The panel will be held on Sunday at 12:30PM in room Panel C (Third Floor) of the Hynes Convention Center. Bigger room = More Fans = MORE FUN!

Man…for those of you who were at AB2013 but missed the panel last year, here’s a little something for you:

AB learned their lesson just like the year before when I debuted my Clannad panel in that same room (Room 202). They got me a bigger room for Clannad last year and got me a bigger room for Court Records this year.

Even so, it’s the new panel added to the schedule earlier today that made me scream in excitement at work:

Yes, The Aurabolt brings Persona 4 to Anime Boston 2014!

I have been told by other congoers and panelists folks have tried to do Persona but it ended up being a disappontment. If how I did my Clannad and Court Records panels last year was ANY indication, this panel will be one to remember ^_^

Being a panelist at Anime Boston is to me what being in the main event of Wrestlemania is for WWE Superstars. There’s nothing like it.

Like before I will post updates throughout the weekend starting this Thursday. If you’re not following this blog, now would be a good time to do so =O

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