Recap: Persona 4: Pursuing My True Self


This was easily the main event Saturday night. I only wished it has been set an hour earlier as half the audience left for the JAM Concert during the panel. Anywho, it was an interesting panel to say the least. I already know what needs to be done differently for next year and yes, I am bringing this bad boy back next year (WOOT!). Gotta give the P4 Cosplayers something to REALLY look forward to, yes?

The music was an excellent touch as usual. The video clips…after showing the first four clips, I stood up and let folks know I was using my legally owned copy of the anime and as long as I only showed short clips it would be fine. Everyone loved the video clips from the anime of course.

There were a couple P4 and P3 cosplayers in the crowd, which was AWESOME. It’s like when I was a first-time panelist two years ago: Just because there arent’t alot of folks cosplaying from something doesn’t mean there aren’t alot of fans. I found out firsthand with my Clannad panel!

The vidoe game lineup got alot of cheers. I was a bit put off when I learned I only had half of Persona 2. On top of that, the PSOne Persona 2 game is actually the second half. The first half was released on the PSP so I’ll have to buy the PSP version (which is the first half) before I play through the one I bought any further than I have (LOL!).

Next year’s panel will be 60 minutes long as well. I will play different video clips though as well do a tie-in with my Clannad panel. Considering this panel was added last-minute to the schedule, everyone’s on notice =D


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