Coming to Anime Boston 2015: Pokemon: 20 Years Later

In the beginning, there was Mewtwo.

The Genetically Engineered Psychic Pokemon ruled Kanto with an Iron fist. All who dared to challenge its power was quickly and swiftly put down.

In time, Mewtwo would be joined by a host of Legendary and in some cases Divine Pokemon:

More recently, three new legendary Pokemon have been discovered in the Kalos Region:


…It’s amazing what 20 years of Pokemon can do, yes?

Having just turned 30 this past Sunday, I can honestly say I know more about Pokemon than any other subject. My knowledge of all things Pokemon is focused specifically on the handheld games though I also have extensive knowledge of the Anime, Mangas and Trading Card Game as well. I’ve been playing the Pokemon games since 1996. My first game was Pokemon Yellow on April 5, 1998 and my last one was Pokemon X last November.

I have completed the Pokedex 18 times and I will happily do it again in Black 2, White 2, X and Y. For the record, I used a cheat device to finish the Pokedex in some of the games of the 2nd (Gold and Crystal to catch Mew and Celebi), 3rd (Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen to trigger event Pokemon) and 4th Gens (Diamond, Pearl and Platinum to trigger event Pokemon) but not the 1st, 5th or 6th gens. Other than that, I caught them all using legitimate methods.

Thanks to having Pokemon Bank on both of my 3DS systems I can safelt store 6,000 of my Pokemon. The obvious “There’s no way you’re gonna use all that space!” arguement aside, I sure as hell will try! Assuming Nintendo maintains this you can expect Pokemon Bank to be really handy through the 7th and 8th gens as well.

Come the first weekend of April next year, I’m bringing my 18 years of Pokemon expertise to Anime Boston for two hours (120 Minutes). It will be epic, to say the least. And there will be battles. Lots and lots of battles =D


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