Review: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition (PS Vita)


I actually own both the Vita and PS3 iterations of this game plus DW8 for the PS3. The cross-play between the three versions of DW8XL–PS3, PS4 and Vita–is the main reason I decided to get both the PS3 and Vita versions.

I haven’t really played the PS3 version but before I talk about the Vita one, let me clarify the above chart since there’s been some confusuon on the Gamefaqs forums from folks who skipped DW8, got DW8XL and feel they were duped:

DW8XL for the PS3 is an expansion for DW8. Not plays like but it actually is. This is why you’re kinda forced to import your DW8 Save Data the first time you start the game. Otherwise, you will only have access to Lu Bu’s story in DW8XL (More on him in a bit). It’s not an unreasonable assumption those who get DW8XL for the PS3/4/Vita also have DW8 so…yeah. Once you’ve imported data from DW8 you’ll be able to play the other campaigns on DW8XL.

DW8XLCE for the Vita and PS4 is both DW8 + DW8XL combined prettymuch. You do not need to import data from DW8 (must be uploaded to the PSN from within DW8 to be shared with DW8XLCE for the PS4/Vita) in order to play campaigns other than Lu Bu’s though if you have the data it’s a given you’ll wanna import it! The cool thing is thanks to cross-play, you can say, play through a few battles on your PS3/4, Upload your progress to the PSN, download said progress on your Vita and just keep going on the go. Plus Vice Versa when you’re ready to switch back to a bigger screen.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the main draw of DW8XL/DW8XLCE:

Those who’ve played the other DW Games or the Warriors Orochi Games should be quite familiar with him already. The Beast Incarnate Lu Bu’s story is finally revealed in DW8XL/DW8XLCE. He has a campaign dedicated to his quest to conquer the land with his legendary strength and thirst for battle. According to the historical record–and this is a major spoiler by the way–Lu Bu is ultimately executed by Cao Cao after The Battle at Xingpi on the advice of Liu Bei to not spare him.

I’m sure veterans of the Dynasty Warriors games remember fleeing for their lives the moment Lu Bu entered their field of vision. You prettymuch knew once he caught up to you, you were as good as dead. Unlike many of the other heroes depicted in the Dynasty Warriors games they did not exaggerate Lu Bu’s seemingly endless thirst for battle. It’s amazing he actually found time raise a daughter:

This is his daughter Lu Lingpi. She takes pride in being the daughter of the mightiest warrior that ever lived. She is a playable character as well and wields a pair of dualblades that look like a giant shuriken. According to the historical record, Lu Lingpi is not captured after the Battle at Xingpi and disappears from history. It’s not known when she was born or when she died it’s been established by multiple firsthand accounts she is the daughter of Lu Bu. What we don’t know is who her mother was. I assume it to be Dian Chao as it’s implied in past games she and Lu Bu were lovers but who knows.

Anywho, I have the Vita version an 8/10. The virtually non-existent online is why. That’s the only thing missing despite the crossplay. Once I’ve made the time to play it I will write a review for the PS3 version.

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