Probably not going to renew my Xbox Live this week

It’s set to expire on April 22 and honestly, I haven’t played it much since I got my PS3. I also don’t play online much so I have a hard time coming up with a good reason to renew my Account for another year. It’s subtle right now but Microsoft has been pushing people to get the Xbox One in recent months. Nothing as drastic as what Nintendo’s been up to but the signs are obvious.

Given I seem to have lost a ton of the Anime I bought between 2011 and 2013 via Xboz Live recently, it’s left me very angry with Microsoft. It’s already bad enough Microsoft has the WORST customer service out of all the console makers. They literally go out of their way to avoid helping consumers with legit technical problems. I know many of you might have heard rumors to that effect but I found out this is actually true when I bought my Desktop computer and tried to redownload some Anime I bought on my Laptop on my new computer.

Never again.

I’m going to accept the Anime Episodes as a loss but I will repurchase some of them on iTunes for when I buy an iPad. Specifically the Inuyasha, Bleach and Naruto Shippuden Episodes I had. The rest I’ve either since bought on DVD or soon will buy on Blu-Ray.

The Xbox 360 games I have won’t be effected by the end of my XBL so I’m covered there. I have the games I bought my 360 for so…yeah.

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