First-Look Review: Skyrim (PS3 Version)



…Now that I’ve got your attention, yes I know the game came out three years ago. Yes, I know the Xbox 360 and PC versions are several cuts above the PS3 version. Yes I know this game has had more memes and parody videos done for it than probably any other game in history. What I didn’t learn until I picked it up the week before, ran home, popped it in, installed it and started playing is just how EPIC the game truly is. Skyrim is the happy medium between full-blown MMO and full-blown epic fantasy movie or novel.

This the second time in 10 years I bought a massively popular game a few years after its initisl release. The first was Tales of Symphonia. This game…whew. Where to begin. I tried Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion twice and never got past the introductionory dungeon. My experience with Oblivion was why I avoided Skyrim. Until now. Three years later and this game has certainly aged well.

I put Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Dynasty Warrior 8 Xtreme Legends/ Xtreme Legends Collector’s Edition (PS3/Vita) and Conception II: Children of the Sevem Stars on hiatus so I can focus on Skyrim. I figure I’ll be ready to play something else by the end of June the latest. As a reminder, I don’t speed through the games I play. Especially RPGs. I take my time to have a more enjoyable experience.

Another review will come whenever it is I beat this game XD

I got Skyrim: Legendary Edition which comes with all three expansions: Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. The expansions are on the Disc, are free and are installed from the PS3 Home Menu. I’ll ease back into other games after I’ve cleared the base game.

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