Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire announced for November 2014


I assure you, this is no hoax.

After you’ve finished picking your jaw up from the floor/desk, mark your calendars. See my Retro Review of Ruby and Sapphire for a refresher of the original 2003 release of the GBA version of these games. If FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver were any indication, you can expect a nice fusion of old and new in the remakes. As a reminder: All that’s currently known is there will be a remake of my all-time favorite tier of the Pokemon games coming this fall worldwide.

My predictions for the R/S remakes are as follows:

  • Compatible with Poke Bank (Presumably).
  • Alternate formes for Groudon and Kyogre (Presumably).
  • New Mega Evolutions introduced (Presumably).
  • The return of Secret Bases (Hasn’t been seen since R/S).
  • Streetpass/Spotpass Functionality.
  • “Guest” Legendaries (My guess is it’ll be either Reshiram/Zekrom or Palkia/Dialga)
  • Regigigas capturable in either game (Before, you needed to transfer a Hoenn-caught Regi Rock, Ice and Steel to Sinnoh to catch Regigigas)
  • Guest appearances by characters from other Pokemon Games (Oak was in R/S, Gym Leader Jasmine was in D/P, etc.)
  • The Return of the Battle Frontier (Introduced in Emerald)
  • The Return of The Safari Zone (Hasn’t been seen since the 4th Gen)
  • Pokemon from other regions catchable in the revamped Hoenn (Gen 3 didn’t have cross-gen with the first two gens, which meant you had to either use an Action Replay like I did or wait until FireRed/LeafGreen and later Coliseum/XD were released)

All we can do is wait until more info is revealed. I’m also assuming the new evolutions revealed in Gens 4 through 6 are accessible in OR/AS as well–Gallade, Froslass, Mismageius, Honchrow and all the rest.

I myself will be getting BOTH games at the same time. It will be the first time I get both tiered Pokemon Games since I got Diamond and Pearl at launch almost a decade ago. At the time I got Pokemon Ruby I sold almost all of the video games I had at the time to Gamestop to get it. I ended up with just enough to get the game. I didn’t give a fuck: It was the very first Pokemon game I ever bought. And I had it for almost a decade. The irony: I traded it along with Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen and Emerald to preorder my 3DS in 2011.

…It was worth it XD

Gotta admit, I was wondering how I’d have a steady stream of Pokemon to fill up my Pokemon Bank accounts. Now I have another means–and all the more reason–to go on a Pokemon Catching Free For All!


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