First Look Review: Tomadachi Life (Nintendo 3DS)


So apparently, The Mii Plaza and Animal Crossing had a baby. That baby was Tomodachi Life (henceforth I will refer to it as TL). It was released in Japan late last year but it was just released in North America this past Friday. Yours truly picked up a copy and dove right in =O

Before I continue, I do feel the need to say if you don’t like open-ended games that have no actual ending TL is not for you. A few other franchises that fall into the same category include Sim City, The Sims, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and of course, Animal Crossing. All of these games are growth sims where you’re basically “Playing God”.

That out the way, let’s talk about TL.

Now, I’m sure that when Nintendo unveiled Miis when the Wii launched, everyone had the expectation that they would have an integral role to play in certain games. After all, they are your in-game avatars. Alas, we would have to wait until Mario Kart Wii to see Miis really getting in on the action. They took to the skies in Pilotwings Resort before returning to the race track in Mario Kart 7.

The 3DS gave players the ability to take a selfie to make a more accurate Mii version of them or friends/family. The blew the door wide open in terms of possabilities. What better than Tomodachi Life to exploit that feature? The cool thing about TL that I really like about it is there’s far less micromanagement compared to The Sims. No having to chose between using the bathroom and going to bed!

The game does have Streetpass and Spotpass. To celebrate Graduates everywhere, you can get a Graduation Cap for your Miis in TL between June 6 and June 15. Better hurry! By the way Streetpass and Spotpass take about two hours to unlock in the game and become available automatically just by playing the game normally. Once activated…let’s just say I eagerly await Anime Boston 2015!

Overall I give the game a 10/10 so far.

It has a gentle learning curve and the Miis you import or create are customizable before and after they move in. The game is both complex and simple. The game learns and adjusts accordingly to everything that happens.

The game drew a bit of controversy a feeks ago from GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance against Discrimination) and Marriage Equality when it was announced the North American release of the game would not allow Gay Marriage. In regards to the “controversy”, Nintendo released a statement saying although it simply wasn’t possible to add this feature to TL, it definitely would should there be a sequel.

As long as it comes out on the 3DS, I’ll buy it! Speaking of a possible sequel, My hope for the sequel is being able to import data from the first game and being able to customize the island ^_^




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