“I’m Quitting (Insert MMO Here) because (Insert Reasons here)! Bye, Losers!”

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time on a video game related forum has probably seen hundreds or even thousands of these threads over the last few years.

I can say with a straight face I’ve never actually done this. That said, I quit WoW 3 times in the last two years. Before I go over the reasons people feel the need to publicly announce they’re quitting an MMO they’ve “invested years into” and why this practice is oft-times frowned upon by the internet, I do want to say this time for me I’m definitely done with WoW.

For those who missed this blog post, read it. Then this one. And finally, this one. Notice the common thread in all three of those posts? I decided to quit the game because I got burned by my so-called “WoW Buddies” over and over again. I have my self-respect and see no reason to put up with such a toxic environment. Folks like to talk about League of Legends. I’ve never played that game but based on what I’ve been told by those who have, I stand by what I said a few months ago when I said WoW has the worst Gaming Community ever.

Now let’s get to the most common reasons people feel the need to announce they’re quitting an MMO. This is not my list but the more common reasons people give written in short:

  • Friends No Longer Play
  • Don’t Like Direction of the Game
  • Real Life Obligations/No Longer have the time
  • PvE Balancing
  • PvP Balancing
  • Class Balancing
  • Don’t Like New Content Announced
  • Game has become too Easy/Hard
  • Caught and Banned for Breaking the Rules
  • Leaving for another MMO

That’s in in a nutshell. I tried making the list in a way most of what people say falls into one of those ten groups.  Now before we go over why this is generally a bad/wrong/stupid idea to announce you’re quitting <Insert MMO Here>, here’s something to keep in mind:


Threads like these made on MMO-Champion are routinely locked and/or deleted on sight since folks like to troll the shit out of them. To paraphrase something someone said in one such thread I saw last week, <Company> won’t blink just because one person quit <MMO>. It won’t blink if 100 people quit. It won’t even blink if 1,000 people quit. It’s the way MMOs are. People come and people go. So if you think you’re “sending a message” by announcing you’re quitting <MMO>, you’re both mistaken and a fool.

Now that we’ve discussed why making “I Quit” threads are a complete and utter waste of the time you’ll spend typing it, here are some productive ways to leave a lasting impact and look good, too:

  • Give away EVERYTHING you have in-game on your last day to everyone. Preferably new (newer?) players. After doing this, delete ALL of your characters.
  • Throw a farewell party with your friends/guild on your last day. If that’s not possible, throw a server-wide party in a city and buy a few rounds. After you’re done, delete ALL of your characters.
  • Sell EVERYTHING you have in-game on either the Auction House an in-game shop. After doing this, delete ALL of your characters.
  • Quietly stop playing and tell no one without doing anything to your characters.

Of course, the last one leaves the door open for if you have second thoughts.

Listen: I quit Pokemon Cold Turkey in 2010 after being a die-hard fan for 13 years, which at the time was literally half my life. Then Pokemon X and Y were released and I got both of them. I now have all four 5th gen games and am well on my way to having all five 4th gen games again, too (I curently have Platinum and SoulSilver). Oh and yes, I’m getting the recently announced OmegaRuby and Alpha Sapphire as well XD

My point is this: No one knows the future. I had no idea in 2011 that three years later, I would’ve fallen in love with Pokemon all over again. When it comes to video games–especially MMOs–if there is even a shred of doubt in your mind you want to leave the door open to come back sometime later.

Unlike the last two times I quit WoW, I’m done with the game. I am going to try Warlords of Draenor since I already upgraded my account for the newest expansion but I don’t expect to do much past the actual questing experience. That’s the only part of WoW that I ended up really liking and was why I made so many alts. Anywho, as I said in another post there comes a time when you have to know when to call it in an MMO. I’m done with WoW and that’s it.

…Well I’ve gone on for twice as long as planned but yeah XD

If you quit an MMO, the only one who should really care is you.

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