Palutena, Miis join Super Smash Bros. Roster at E3 2014, Dark Pit Teased

This video says it all:

…Let the Nerdgasm commence.

This brings the confirmed roster to 33 fighters as of today. It’s the biggest roster yet and according to the official site, both Miis and Palutena will be in both versions of SSB4.

Want the full roster list? Go here.

Unless you played Kid Icarus Uprising (or saw the spoiler video), the dialogue between Pit and Palutena probably won’t make alot of sense to you.

Dark Pit in Brawl? It would be AWESOME and make total sense to make him 3DS exclusive. The way it was done, you’d have thought Dark Pit was indirectly confirmed as being on the list and not just an alternate color palette for Pit. The video also seems to confirm unlike Brawl, Pit in SSB4 will have actual lines this time around.

The other big news: SSB4 is coming to the 3DS this October a month before OmegaRuby and Alpha Sapphire (November 10) while the Wii U version will be released for the holidays. I don’t care about the Wii U and I’ll be good with the 3DS version.


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