Finally Conquered the 5th Gen Pokemon Games


I snapped up the legendaries in Black 2 and White 2 this weekend and shipped them to Poke Bank. If you haven’t seen Black/White Kyurem full, crisp 3D you haven’t seen it at all =D

I sent Reshiram and Zekrom from Black 2 and White 2 to my Pokemon Y game so the Black 1 and White 1 versions will go to my Pokemon X game as a result (I still need to play through White 1). I’ll end up with an extra Zekron and Kyurem since I finished the save file that came with Black 2 to get them in that game. That can wait until after I’ve played through White 1 for the Unova Link. I Unova Linked Black 1 and White 2, after all (LOL).

Anywho, all four of my games are on farm to ship Pokemon to my Poke Banks (reminder: I have two 3DS systems). Some folks won’t like this but I stumbled across an Action Replay code for Pokemon Platinum that will also me to make select Legit Event Pokemon. The Event Pokemon made with the Action Replay pass the Legit Check in case anyone’s wondering so…yeah.

There will be giveaways =D

Speaking of which: I hacked the Fossils and have over 900 of each in Black 2 and White 2. These Fossils, when revived produce 100% legit Pokemon and I will begin shuffling the fossils into my Poke Banks when I have the time. Now my shift goes to SoulSilver as I work to funnel 1st and 2nd Gen Pokemon from that game to the 6th Gen.

…If you’d like my 3DS Friend Codes, you need only ask ^_^

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