Sony: Vita’s focus will be on Indie Games and Remote Play with the PS4

That is the case if this article on Gamespot is to be believed.

The internet trolls’ usual reactions of course being either “So glad I didn’t buy a Vita!” or “One more reason to buy a 3DS!”

This shouldn’t be that big of a surprise to those who’ve been buying and playing handhelds for at least the last 16 years (22 in my case). Pre-PSP, the handheld was the B Console. In fact, it wasn’t until recently it sunk in for me the reason the 3DS wouldn’t be getting Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games is because–by Nintendo’s admission–the 3DS simply isn’t powerful enough to emulate Game Boy Advance games. On the one hand yes, I do have an Ambassador 3DS but at the same time the Wii U is Nintendo’s main console like it or not (just like the DS family handhelds were for the Wii in comparison). The non-portable Nintendo console will always get priority when it comes to 1st party games outside Pokemon.

Anyway, getting back to the Vita, as a reminder it was released during the transition from PS3 to PS4. This is why you can remote play with both consoles but there’s more of an emphasis on Vita-PS4 connectivity. That said, Sony is considering bringing this bundle to North America:

What you’re looking at is a PS4-Vita Bundle. The estimated price is somewhere between $400 and $500 and yes, this is real. It’s being sold in select places in Japan and Europe already. This would be a great deal for someone who already has one system or if you have neither. You stand to save $100 on the Vita alone (The Wi-Fi Version of the Vita is $200) so…yeah. Honestly, this is the only way I’d drop $500 on a game system: I’d just buy this bundle XD

On a more serious note, my having both the 3DS and the Vita means when I give tips and advice on games you don’t have to worry about “fanboyism” as much in regards to the all too common “3DS vs. Vita” debates. The reality, which sucks to admit is they’re both inferior to their console counterparts by design.

Having said that, I will admit the 3DS has much more going on for it than the Vita in regards to just video games. In a separate blog post, I will give my reasons as to why the Vita was doomed to fail from the start and why it’s not too late to make the handheld worth the investment for both consumers and Sony.



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