Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U Roster Update: Heroes from Ylisse have arrived!

Oh, yes they did.

For the first time since Melee, two versions of the same character made the cut: Male Robin and Female Robin. It’s not quite known yet weather you play them interchangably ala Sheik & Zelda or Samus & Zero Suit Samus were Brawl and Melee or if like the four characters I just named, both Robins are just separate characters but with the same moveset. I assume it’s the latter but for those who were smart enough to give Fire Emblem Awakening a chance, it’s a real treat indeed ^_^

A few things stuck out for me from the video:

  1. Captain Falcon (in every SSB released to date) confirmed for both the 3DS and Wii U Version.
  2. Lucina confirmed and confirmed as a separate fighter from the person she impersonates in Awakening, Marth (also in both versions himself). Based on a screenshot on the official site I looked at, you might have the choice of playing as her masked with short hair. Or maybe it was just a clever pose. Who knows.
  3. How Robin (both/either) fights appears to depend on how close you are to the target just like how he/she is meant to be used in Awakening: Magic for long range but Sword for close range. Robin uses Tomes (ALL of them, apparently) to attack enemies with in one hand and uses the Levin Sword (A magic sword capable of direct and ranged attacks in Fire Emblem Awakening) with the other though it looked like he was holding a Bronze Sword during the demo. Maybe his weapons have limited uses?. Robin’s Final Smash was not shown but presumably a Tome is involved and it will mimic their cricical strike in Awakening (A new window will open when you click that link). Robin floating during his entrance, while badass was likely just for the video. Robin can’t levitate in Awakening and is a nod to a plot spoiler revealed about him in Awakening.
  4. Chrom was also confirmed at the end of the video (along with the Female version of Robin) as being a part of Robin’s Final Smash. He joins Robin on-screen during his Final Smash, which seems to work similar to Ike’s in that those caught in it are juggled in mid-air.
  5. The place where Chrom, Lucina, Robin and Captain Falchon are in the beginninng of the video is the Feroxi Arena from Awakening, which will presumably be in both versions of SSB4. This marks the first time a stage from an actual Fire Emblem game is used in Brawl (A fictional castle paying homage to the series was used in Brawl) and you know what? The real Feroxi Arena actually is an arena where the strongest warriors in the land gather to fight for honor and glory. How about that!
  6. Fire Emblem has the most characters represented in terms of franchise with six: Marth, Ike, Lucina, Robin Male, Robin Female and Chrom (with Robin). Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalia & Luma and Bowser come in second with five (not including Warior and Yoshi in that count).
  7. The video footage is almost exactly the same quality as the video cutscenes in Awakening. Pretty freaking impressive =O

The boys and girls over at Serenes Forest are super excited as this is the third time in a row characters from the Fire Emblem games were brought to SSB, which can be views as a GOOD sign for the series overall.It took 10 years for the series to come to the West, after all. During the 1990s, it was a popular franchise few outside Japan knew about. They took a chance bringing it to the U.S. in 2003 and thankfully kept bringing them ^_^

One can only speculate what all these Fire Elmblem characters being in SSB means for the franchise. My prediction: Awakening gets a sequel or spinoff game and may be announced within the next year and a half. The former is preferred of the two of course but a sequel would be exciting too as it would show Nintendo is looking to build the franchise even more.

Here’s Hoping!

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