What Does The Fox Say: Pokemon Edition

For those who need a refresher:

Now let’s talk Fox Pokemon. Believe it or not, there are quite a few. Let’s start with the most recent entries introduced in Pokemon X and Y:

The Kalos Region’s Fire Starter Fennelkin and its evolutions Braixen (Level 16) and Delphox (level 36).










Anyone with Pokemon X or Y or has seen the Anime is at least aware of these three Pokemon. Fennelkin is Fire Starter you can choose at the beginning of X/Y. When it evolves into Braixen it become a Fire/Psychic Pokemon. When it evolves into Delphox, it automatically learns its signature move, Mystical Fire (So Beautiful…). According to Serebii.net, although Delphox is a Special Sweeper, it doesn’t have a big enough movepool to do it justice. Let’s just hope Nintendo addresses this in OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire.

Anyway, Delphox is my second all-time favorite starter behind Blazkien (more on this one in a separate Blog Post. LOL) and with good reason:

  • It got the Special Attack to support its  Dual Typing. It can punch through most its counters (Serebii.net reccommends countering Delphox with Tyranitar, Azumarril, Latios, Latias or some other bulky Pokemon) using brute force and outruns most of them.
  • Its typing allows it to survive a STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) Dark and Water Type hit for a round or two in most cases.
  • This image:















Delphox Presumably about to unleash Blast Burn, the Fire Type Version for Hyper Beam only the Fire Type Starters (Charizard and its Mega Versions, Typhlosion, Blaziken/Mega Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar and Delphox) can learn.

…Let’s move on, shall we?

Vulpix and its Evolution, Ninetales (Fire Stone).










Ah, two of the original Fox Pokemon (the other being Eevee, see below). Interestingly, you wouldn’t be wrong to compare them with this character from Naruto:

Kurama, the Nine Tailed Beast from Naruto.



















Vulpix, like most of the other Pokemon that use an Evolution Stone to evolve can be evolved at any time–even level 1. On its own, Ninetales doesn’t learn any moves via level-up so you’ll want to make sure you give Vulpix the moves you want before you evolve it. Ninetales can learn six moves (6th Gen) via the Move Reminder but beyond that you’ll have to rely on TMs or a Move Tutor.

Anyway, Ninetales is a mixed use Pokemon. Singles or with a partner, Ninetales is versatile. Annoyer? Check. Special Sweeper? Check. Awesome Hidden Ability (Drought) Check! In short, Ninetales is good for whatever you want to use it for. None who face it in battle will leave unscathed. Its Special Attack stat is just high enough to use the Psychic, Grass and Dark Type attacks it can learn. Drought-Tales with Solarbeam will surprise unsuspecting Water, Ground and Rock Pokemon that switch in to deal with it or change the weather while its Special Defense is high enough to take a hit or two from a STAB moves.

Now, we’re going to save the best for last:














Even when it was just Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon that was alot of choices. Since then, five more possible evolutions have been introduced. The count stands at 8 though it would be fair to assume there will eventually be one Eevee Evolution for each type. One of the more interesting things about Eevee’s Evolutions is all of them are viable on competative teams despite their respective limited moves:

  • Five Gens later, Vaporeon is still a favorite Hazer (Haze removes stat changes on all Pokemon currently in battle). Its obscenely high HP (common for Water Pokemon actually) and Special Attack allows it to jump in and bother whatever it faces. Being able to eat a few STAB moves is also pretty helpful.
  • Five Gens Later, Jolteon is still one of the fastest Electric Pokemon there is and can outrun almost everything else. It’s certainly faster than all of its counters. Giving it Magnet Rise eliminates its only weakness for five turns.

I could go on but I think it would be more fun to let you  figure things out on your own. By the way, the only way to evolve Eevee into Sylveon is via Pokemon Aime on the Touch Screen (though presumably this will be changed slightly in OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire with the return of Contests). My personal favorite is Umbreon, which doees its job as an annoyer well =D

Wait: What DOES the fox say?


There you have it. Those are all the Fox-like Pokemon there is. Six of the Fourteen Fox Pokemon are Fire Types, which isn’t surprising as foxes have red or orange fur. While I wouldn’t reccommend trying to build an all-fox Pokemon Team for the reason I just gave alone, Ninetales is the most viable of the bunch but I personally favor Delphox.


Another Wildlife/Pokemon crossover blog will come sooner or later ^_^

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