Registration for Battle of Legends: Online Competition now open (Pokemon X and Pokemon Y)

The competition I’ve been waiting for has FINALLY arrived ^_^

Unlike the previous five online competitions, for the first time any Pokemon except Diancie (not officially available in all regions yet) can be used. This includes Pokemon not caught or hatched in Kalos, ALL of the Super Legendaries (Reshiram, Dialga, etc.) and ultra-rare legendaries (Mew, Jirachi, etc.).

I have registered for this competition with both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. In case you’re wondering no, it’s not against against the rules if you have both games (Awesome!). Also, you get 1,000 Poke Miles just for registering. This has been the case for the last five or so international competitions, actually so…yeah. Not ventured and all that, yes?

Registration runs from July 17 to the the 24th. The competition itself runs from July 25 to the 27th. Competators are allowed 10 battles per day but in the case of folks like myself who have both games and two 3DS systems, that’s 20 battles a day XD

To make things interesting, I will share some of the Pokemon I will be using by game in this competition. Here’s what O have in mindfor my Pokemon Y Team:

  • Blaziken (Speed Boost) holding Blazikenite.
  • Electrode (Soundproof) holding a Persim Berry (cures Confusion).
  • Breloom (Poison Heal) holding Poison Orb (inflicts Poison on the holder).
  • Yveltal (Dark Aura) holding ???? (Undecided).
  • White Kyurem (Turboblaze), Lugia (Pressure) or Groudon (Drought).
  • Delphox (Blaze) holding Lum Berry (cures all Negative Statuses except Infatuation) with Mystical Fire, Psyshock, Calm Mind and Grass Knot.

…According to, Blaziken is the most powerful Pokemon ever with the Speed Boost ability. Those who got Pokemon X/Y between its launch and February 15 could get a Torchic via Wi-Fi with Speed Boost and holding a Blazikenite. If you didn’t get one, I have a Poke Bank Box full of Torchic Eggs that have Speed Boost. Leave your Friend Code below and we’ll see about getting you one. Blazikenite not included, by the way XD

Yveltal is Y’s legendary of course. Black 1 and White 2 are my 5th Gen feeder games for Y so that explains White Kyurem. Lugia is SoulSilver’s cover Legendary but you can also catch Groudon in SoulSilver after you beat Red on Mt. Silver and get the Red Orb from Professor Oak. I’ll pick one of them go with Yveltal.

Delphox is my starter so including it is a given. Notice I was kind enough to give you the full moveset I plan to use? Electrode’s reason for being on this team…it’s one of the fastest Pokemon in the game even with a hindering Nature. The rest is a secret. Breloom…you can probably guess with the ability and item combo. Even if someone used Knock Off, they’ll have to heal Breloom or OHKO it in order to take it out (4x weakness to Flying type moves).

My Team for Pokemon X is a work in progress but it will be a variation of the above. Just replace Delphox, White Kyurem/Lugia/Groudon and Yveltal with Chestnaught (my X Starter), Black Kyurem/Ho-Oh/Kyogre and Xerneas. The rest is still being figured out.

My goal is to get at least 30 wins total between both games during the 3-day competition. Some might call that a low expectation but I’m not expecting to have it easy!

Before I forget: A Pokemon Global Link Account (Free to register) is required to enter these online competitions. You can sign up by going to If you have X and/or Y you you WANT to be registered to Global Link as you’re then privy to certain FREE opportunities to get items and other stuff for your game. For more, just to to the website ^_^


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