I have preordered Pokemon OmegaRuby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

For the first time since Diamond, Pearl and Platinum (and my first copy of SoulSilver) were released–the last time I bought Pokemon Games when they were current, actually–I’m buying the next games together. I have preordered both games in full at my local Gamestop. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire will be released worldwide in November–almost a year out from Pokemon X and Y’s release. I can’t help but wonder if Nintendo was working on all four games at the same time. Based on what was revealed in the announcement video, the game looks prettymuch done. More so given OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire (henceforth OR and AS respectively) are being released a year after X and Y were released.

As everyone knows by now, OR and AS are the remakes to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, otherwise referred to with Emerald as the Third Gen Games. For those who either never played Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald or haven’t visited Hoenn in a while, here’s a recap of what Ruby and Sapphire introduced:

  • Contests. I hate ’em personally, more so because it was the only way to evolve Feebas into Milotic (raise its Beauty rating to 70 and the level it). Since contests were absent from Unova and Kalos, a special item was introduced so Feebas could be evolved.
  • Double Battles: This was what influenced my decision to sell almost all of the video games I had at the time to buy Pokemon Ruby. R/S doesn’t get enough credit for introducing Double Battles to the Pokemon Games.
  • Abilities: One of the two big game-changers. All Starters had Overgrow, Blaze and Torrent repsectively, the first and second-gen Legendaries had Pressure and so on. Not only did you have to plan for a Pokemon’s typing, held item and moveset but you also needed to be mindful of its ability: Wheezing’s Levitate removed its weakness to Ground type moves while Rhydon’s Lightningrod in Double Battles allowed a partner Water or Flying Pokemon to safely switch out if an opposing Electric Pokemon was on the field.
  • Natures: In my opninion, this is what ruined the game. All the EV/IV crowd gives a damn about are picking the best Natures for Pokemon statwise even though Natures are dine in a way one stat is slightly better than the others while another stat is slightly weaker. The tiered rankings of Pokemon were created as a result (more on this in a separate blog post).
  • Two Teams: ‘Cuz only R/S can do it.
  • One feature Legendary per game: For those wondering, the trend started with R/S. Both Lugia and Ho-Oh can be caught in both Gold/HeartGold and Silver/SoulSilver but the level 45 and Level 70 Pokemon depends on your version.
  • Secret Bases: Hasn’t been seen since its introduction. It makes its triumphant return in OR/AS =D
  • Traveling Underwater: A concept so simple, it made a brief return in Black 2/White 2. Clamperl and Relicanth could only be found while traveling underwater in Hoenn and you needed to go underwater to find a stolen sub.
  • Battle Frontier: It was introduced in Emerald and was brought back in Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver. Can’t say I liked it though the introduction of Battle Points gave me a reason to try the Battle Mansion (no Maison. which is also in Kalso) in X/Y.

That’s prettymuch it. Yes, it’s alot ^_^

Now, here’s what I’d like to see in the remakes:

  • The ability to catch non-Hoenn Legendaries in OR and AS: This became a trend starting in FireRed and LeafGreen where you could catch Deoxys from Hoenn as well as Lugia and Ho-Oh ftom Johto (all three being event Pokemon but still). For OR/AS I predict you will be able to catch the Unova Legendaries simply to go with the polarizing themes of Truth (Zekrom) and Ideals (Reshiram). If they do it like they did the Hoenn Super Legends in HG/SS, you’ll have the opportunity to get Kyurem too. Either that or the Sinnoh Dragons (Dialga, Palkia and Giratina).
  • Unova Roaming Pokemon brought to Hoenn: All six of ’em. For those who don’t have X/Y this would give ’em the chance to catch them.
  • Evolution Items much easier to come by: Let’s be honest: Not everyone who has X/Y use the Global Link website. Those who do know how frustrating it is trying to get evolution items. The distribution system is broken and confusing and for those who don’t have Streepass opportunities because of where they live, PokeMiles are useless to them.
  • Trainer Cameos from the other games: We know already that Professor Oak appears in R/S and Cyntthia has a cameo appearance in both HG/SS and Black 2/White 2. It would be cool as hell if trainers from Unova and Kanto appeared in OR/AS. For those who might be wondering, Jasmine makes an appearance in Sinnoh, Crasher Wake in Black 1/White 1 and Cynthia in Black 2/White 2 as well as HG/SS. Look also has a recurring role in X/Y’s postgame in Luminose City.
  • The alternate way to evolve Feebas kept: Because let’s face it Feebas is the Hoenn version of Magikarp.
  • Areas to evolve Certain Pokemon: Nosepass, who is introduced in R/S evolves into Probopass when it levels up in an area with a electromagnetic field. It would be nice if such an area is added to R/S–the abandoned Power Planet sounds the most viable for this. They could also add the Moss-Covered Rock to Petalburg Woods and the Ice-Covered Rock to Shoal Cave.
  • Cross-connection with X/Y and (Presumably) the Poke Bank App: R/S caused quite the uproar when it was revealed there would would be no crossplay between R/S and G/S/C. Until FR/LG were released three years later, it forced folks to use a cheat device to get the Pokemon that weren’t in R/S. I’m pretty sure this won’t be a problem with OR/AS though XD

That’s all I have to say about that. All that’s left is to wait another four months for the games to be released. In the meantime, I’ll finish my playthroughs of HeartGold, White1 and Black 2 XD

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