Stop Everything: The Sims 2 + ALL Expansions and ALL Stuff Packs being given away for FREE

EA’s Giving it Away for a limited time!


Talk about AWESOME!

Yet another thing to Thank Gamespot for letting everyone know.

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection includes the base Sims 2 game along with every single Sims 2 expansion pack and stuff pack.  There are eight expansions and ten stuff packs, all released since The Sims 2’s launch in 2004. Below is the full list. An * denotes I still own the physical copy =O

The full list of eight expansions:

  • Apartment Life
  • Bon Voyage*
  • FreeTime*
  • Nightlife*
  • Open for Business*
  • Pets
  • Seasons*
  • University*

And all ten stuff packs:

  • Celebration Stuff
  • Family Fun Stuff*
  • Glamour Life Stuff*
  • H&M Fashion Stuff
  • Happy Holiday Stuff*
  • Holiday Party Pack*
  • IKEA Home Stuff
  • Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
  • Mansion & Garden Stuff
  • Teen Style Stuff*


…As you can see, I own most of them already yet The Ultimate Collection is downloading to my desktop right now. Why? Simple: It’s FREE.

Be warned, EA recently announced it will no longer provide support for The Sims 2 unless you casll them directly so for updates, look to Mod the Sims 2 and other Fansites. I have so many fond memories of The Sims 2, I’d be crazy NOT to get it. I’m thinking of even dusting off my old laptop and putting it on that, too XD

Anywho, I highly reccommend getting The Sims 2 NOW as this offer ends July 31. If you want custom content, Just use Google. Contrary to popular belief, the 100% of the mods out there are perfectly safe and are alot of fun and 100% optional.

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