Blizzard Previews World of Warcraft’s 10th Anniversary


…To clarify, this iteration of TM vs. SS will be an outdoor Battleground. Here’s the map:


Fans have asked for it for YEARS and now it’s back!

In a first for WoW–and I know this is gonna be hard to believe for some–there are no objectives. Just straight-up PvP action. The playstyle is called Team Deathmatch, a term you Call of Duty players are very familiar with. This might be one occasion where taking a page out of Activision’s playbook will pay off.

At the very least, it’s got my attention =O

As did the Molten Core Announcement. Whew…I’m gonna boost my highest-leveled Priest later this year. It’s the only one of my casters I know I don’t want to finish leveling in Pandaria with (currently level 87). $60 is alot for just 3 levels (as opposed to $60 for 89 levels) but in the long-term, it’ll be worth it to use that Priest in entry-level WoD Dungeons ^_^

…The Corghi’s just bonus. I really wanna see wgat the Anniversary video will look like to be honest XD


I’ve switched over to using a prepaid time card to play Warlords of Draenor if it comes to that. Speaking of which:


…The WoW Community hated Mist of Pandaria’s Opening Cinematic. I look forward to seeing the reaction to WoD’s. Me, I don’t have s problem with any of the cinematics in WoW as they do their intended job of introducing the player to the expansion.

As the release itself, we know it’ll be 4th Quarter 2014. I did the digital preorder of WoD back in February so either way, I’m going to be playing WoD on day one ^_^


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