Gamespot: Twitch Censoring Videos with Copyrighted Music

...Oh, the irony.

Almost two weeks after Twitch being bought by YouTube was first announced, it’s already begun.

This isn’t just gloating from me. This is actually happening right now. Let this be a lesson to gamers EVERYWHERE: Until you get your OWN platform, Google will forever own you. I originally planned to post this on my main blog but given this only really effects gamers, I posted it here instead. The fiunny thing is I’ve never once visited myself. My browsing history can verify that.

What does this mean for gamers who like to live streams or post videos online?

In short, you’re screwed.

You have three choices: Conform, go with one of Twitch’s competators or get your own platform. Historically, I know you’ll go with one or two. Option three is will almost certainly cost money and chances are good you’re too cheap to pay for your own stream.

Will there be another Twitch? In time, sure. That does nothing to change the fact that for the second time in 10 years a high-profile video sharing website has been bought out by Google and immediately purged of what the userbase loved it for. Once Google is done with Twitch, you can be certain the Video Game Industry will take it over just like they did with IGN and Game Informer.

The only upside to the buyout I can see is the possability of free livestreams of conventions and video game-related events down the road.

One of America’s founding fathers said it best: The only people who should enjoy Freedom of the Press are those with their own press.

Thanks to WordPress, I have five of my own ^_^

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